1. Does Your Practice Need More Positiveness?
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The Golf Range is the Heart of our Facility

PGA/LPGA Professional, Debby Murphy invites us to her upstate New York golf facility to spend time on the range and short-game area. Through engagement with their members and customers, Webster Golf Club is a fun place for people to “hang out” and spend time with friends and family while enjoying the game of golf.

Hal Sutton Golf Opens New Academy In Houston

Former PGA Tour major champion, Hal Sutton, has opened a new golf academy right in the city of Houston. With seven hitting bays and a plethora of technology on hand, anyone calling on Hal Sutton Golf to improve his or her game will come out pleased and more skilled than ever before.

Does Your Practice Need More Positiveness?

Practicing a positive mindset is as important to improvement in golf as honing your swing or putting skills. Rebecca Dengler discusses the concept of positive practice and highlights steps golfers can take on the range, as well as the course, to lower their scores.

A Health and Wellness Program Geared Towards Golfers Returning from Injury

Dr. Bradley Borne has created a program that incorporates the expertise of doctors, trainers, therapists, and golf professionals, all working together to ensure a successful return to golf for individuals recovering from injury.

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