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Teaching with Technology for Greatest Results

Technology has changed the way we do virtually everything in life. From medicine to shopping to learning how to hit that little white ball, innovation drives progress and progress leads us into the future. We spoke with several PGA Professionals about their use of technology in teaching students and the breadth of utilization is quite impressive. No more “head down” and “arm straight”.

Investing in Your Range – Sea Pines Country Club

Sea Pines Country Club kicked off some renovations on its range, short game area and cart barn last spring. With expanded space, increased technology and added programming, this endeavor is slated to be complete in early November. PGA Director of Golf James Swift provided some details of this exciting example of Investing in Your Range.

GRAA Award Winner Profile – McGolf Driving Range

Golf runs in the bloodline of a lot of families, and the McInerney’s are no different. After decades of growing up at McGolf Driving Range in Dedham, Massachusetts, Eric McInerney, an award-winning PGA Professional, now owns the facility with his wife. Here’s the story of a family tradition that’s still going strong.

Five Questions with Mike Malaska – Training to Compete at the Highest Level

Mike Malaska has done it all in golf – world-renowned teacher, player and mentor. He helps his students set goals for their game and future in golf, and he’s done the same for himself. In this edition of Five Questions, the 2011 PGA of America Teacher of the Year discusses his efforts to compete at the highet level and the mental and physical hurdles that must be satisfied.

Tour Talk – Padraig Harrington

European Ryder Cup Captain, Padraig Harrington has been a featured player in the world of golf for more than three decades. With memorable victories and major championships under his belt, he is a mentor to many young golfers across Ireland, and all of Europe. He recently shared some thoughts on warmup and practice on the range with our Garrett Johnston.

Construction begins on East River short course near downtown Houston

Construction of a nine-hole par-three course by Smelek Design has started at East River, a new 150-acre development in Houston, Texas. Richard Humphreys provides the details in this piece.

GRAA Award Winner Facility Profile: Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club and Driving Range

Chi Chi Rodriguez is one of the very best people that golf has produced in the history of the game. With eight PGA TOUR victories to his credit, he continues to make his most important impact off the course. The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation, Golf Club and Driving Range, located in Clearwater, Florida serve local youth and educate them in and out of the game of golf. Here’s an inspiring account of those efforts.

GRAA Award Winner Profile – Travis Becker, PGA – Ironworks Golf Academy – Beloit, Wisconsin

Club fitting has become an integral aspect of many golf facilities and academies. Travis Becker is an award-winning club fitter with an impressive teaching and management resume, as well. The 2020 GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional shared some highlights from Ironworks Golf Academy, and detailed their efforts to teach, fit and engage their clients and members, growing the game and the Ironworks business as well.

Bringing New Golfers to the Range – Severna Park Golf Center

After almost two decades working in golf abroad, PGA Professional, Shay Smart, has returned to the U.S. to help Severna Park Golf Center build on the momentum it’s seen amid COVID-19. He shared some time to chat about the exciting things happening at the Maryland practice facility.

GRAA Award Winner Profile – John Prince Golf Learning Center

John Prince Golf Learning Center is a 2020 GRAA Top 50 Stand Alone Facility. An integral part of the Palm Beach County Golf family of courses and ranges, John Prince has programs in place to engage the many new golfers they’ve welcomed to the game amid the pandemic, and offers many vital amenities that new and seasoned golfers look for in a practice facility.

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