1. Charley Hoffman
  2. Rickie Fowler
  3. Upgrading Practice Area

Tour Talk: Charley Hoffman

UNLV grad and four-time PGA Tour winner, Charley Hoffman recently shared some time with writer, Garrett Johnston to discuss his warm-up regimen. Read what the popular player had to say about his routine, as well as his advice for amateurs.

Multi-Purpose Short Game Hitting Stations Implemented at Firestone Country Club

Firestone Country Club recently implemented three special short game hitting stations to conform to social distancing protocols – feedback from members has been stellar as they appreciate the structure and focus that is suddenly part of their practice.

Tour Talk – Rickie Fowler, A Fan-Favorite on the PGA Tour

Rickie Fowler is one of the PGA Tour’s most popular players. He spoke with Golf Range Magazine recently and shared a few thoughts about practice on the range.

Sedgefield Country Club Upgrades its Short-Game Practice Area

Sedgefield Country Club is upgrading its short game practice area to the delight of its members, as well as the PGA Tour.

Bay Meadows Family Golf Course – An Ideal Setting to Grow the Game

Like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, Bay Meadows Family Golf Course has blossomed from despair and anonymity to become the blueprint for how to grow the game of golf at all levels of play.

An Upgraded Short Game Area – Taking Bay Hill Club & Lodge into the Future

The Bay Hill Club & Lodge recently added a short game area that is adding to the golf experience for members, guests, Tour pros, and students.

A Professional Golfers Various Levels of Range Preparation

Depending on where you or your student’s game is, you may need to approach the range session differently. LPGA Tour Pro Natalie Sheary shares how she tackles practice at different stages of her golf season

Tour Talk: Matthew Wolff’s Pre-Round Routine Broken Down

Climbing the leaderboards at PGA Tour events for the past few years, Matt Wollf shares his tips on turning a range session into a successful day on the course

Home Simulator Sales Soar in the Time of COVID-19

Technology has expanded the golf industry drastically in the past few years, with golf simulators carving out a large space of their own. Enter the COVID-19 pandemic and many golfers have made the investment in a home simulator.

A World-Class Practice Facility in Milwaukee

Thanks to a $1.4 million project and partnership with Marquette University, the University Club of Milwaukee has a practice area that could rival most others across the country

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