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Virtual Golf Instruction is NOT Just a COVID Thing

Online instruction is here to stay. After all, technology has transformed so many aspects of golf, including how we teach and learn. Quick Fix Golf has programs for all skill levels of play and offers many decades of knowledge of the golf swing. Check out our story – download their app – and hit them up today!

Adam Smith, PGA – An Elite GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional

Second-generation PGA member Adam Smith is an elite GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional. He shared some time to detail his background, history in the game and philosophy on the golf swing and golf instruction.

Harrison Meadows Country Club – A Revived Community Venue

There’s new life in the golfing community of Harrison, New York. The story of Harrison Meadows Country Club is one of rising and rejuvenation to become the centerpiece of a community. Here’s the cool story of the positive effects of golf on a people.

GRAA Award Winning Facility Profile – Belfair

Belfair is a multi-year GRAA Top 50 Private Facility that continues to be a haven of recreation, socialization and fun for its many members and community residents. Led by a stellar team of professionals, Belfair is an active club that loves its golf and appreciates the camaraderie of others. Here’s their story, with some help of PGA Professional Director of Golf John Ogden.

Investing in Your Range – Deerpath Golf Course

With more golfers than ever teeing it up, golf courses are turning to additional means of entertainment in the game. Short game areas, putting courses, on-range technology and even par 3 layouts are being added to facilities to keep golfers on the property, even if they’re not playing nine or 18 holes of golf that day. Deerpath Golf Course just added a 30,000 sq. ft. putting and chipping green that is attracting golfers and many new faces as well. Hear all about it from PGA Head Professional Greg Baeten Jr. in this edition of “Investing in Your Range.”

Bringing New Golfers to the Range – Chris Ardolina, PGA

Chris Ardolina is an example of a focused and dedicated PGA Professional who’s growing the game one lesson at a time. He’s developed his teaching acumen through education and experience and delivers upon his promises to his students at Cove Cay Golf Club every day. Here’s his story and a picture of a course you should check out the next time you’re on Florida’s golf coast.

Offer Long-Term Instruction Programs for Women

PGA Professional and Atlanta Athletic Club instructor Caitlin Cannon talks about her efforts to grow women’s instruction and play at her very busy golf club. She advises on programming, communication and approach and has some great tips on engaging your ladies and making them feel like they belong in golf.

Five Questions with Marvol Barnard, PGA/LPGA

Marvol Barnard has a story to motivate and encourage anyone seeking to get into the game. Golf as a second career has led her to the Presidency of the LPGA Professionals and to awards in both the LPGA and PGA of America. She recently took on a new Director of Golf role in Arizona, but shared some time for this edition of Five Questions.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit that’s Growing Women’s Golf

Award-winning PGA Professional Naomi Nesenoff has created two conceptual websites that provide services to women golfers and women golf professionals. Experienced in growing the women’s game, Nesenoff launched her new business this spring and is primed to boost women’s golf in New England. Check out the details here.

Bob Usher Jr., PGA – An Multi-Award-Winning Second Generation PGA Professional

Award-winning PGA Director of Instruction Bob Usher shares stories of his youth, as well as of the club he has called home for 15 years in this profile piece on a second-generation PGA Professional and a great ambassador for the growth of the game.

Bringing New Golfers to the Range – Ryan Webb, PGA

Ryan Webb is an award-winning PGA golf instructor in the Carolinas PGA Section. He grew up playing golf in New York and Ohio and forged a career in the game in Florida and North Carolina. As a two-time GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, Webb is among the best young teachers in the business. In this piece on Bringing New Golfers to the Range, we chatted about his past, present and aspirations for the future.

Kinloch Golf Club – Southern Hospitality at its Finest

Kinloch Golf Club is a perennial GRAA Top 50 Private Facility. Andrew Black moved north to his home state of Virginia when the PGA Head Professional position opened up and he got the call. He shared his story and that of Kinloch Golf Club, both inspiring, and both doing their part to maintain the momentum in the game of golf.

Pre- and Post-Shot Tips for Solid Golf

Redundancy in golf is often an asset. The expression “Fairways and Greens” simply means hit the ball in the fairway off the tee and then onto the green from the fairway. Two-putt and move on, or sink a putt and take the birdie. PGA/LPGA Professional Nicole Weller talks to us about routines – pre- and post-shot routines, and how they help the best in the game, as well as her very own students.

21 Golf Driving Range – Standing Tall Along the Manhattan Skyline

21 Golf Driving Range should be a destination practice facility for anyone in the New York metropolitan area. With stellar amenities, technology and service, it’s got everything a golfer needs for hours of great practice, camaraderie with family and friends and fun. I was there recently, and it lives up to the hype! We spoke with Eric Kim about the golf range his late dad built more than a decade ago.

Five Questions with Graeme Baxter

Graeme Baxter has been the preeminent golf artist in the world for several decades and continues to record the game’s history through his art. He has been a lifelong lover of art and golf and has been able to marry the two for a stellar career that has taken him to all corners of the globe. He recently spent some time with us for this month’s edition of Five Questions.

Summer is Coming! Get Ready Fore the Kids!

Summer’s coming, and golf facilities across the country are getting ready for junior golf camps and clinics. PGA Jr. League registrations are brisk, and programs are filling up fast. Brendon Elliott and his Little Linksters Academy in Florida is a leading facility in junior golf programming. He highlights the benefits of junior golf engagement and the value of the tools available through the PGA to teachers and coaches across the country.

Investing in Your Range – StonyCreek Golf Club

StonyCreek Golf Club is a family affair, with brothers leading the way as PGA GM and Director of Golf, and a father-in-law as course architect and owner. In that light, StonyCreek is that public facility that we all need in our town – great programming, affordable rates, expert professionals and memories to be made. Check out the story here!

Use PGA Jr League to Introduce the Game

Scott Robbins is a multi-award-winning PGA Professional in Texas. He has been using PGA Jr. League to introduce the competitive side of the game to youth golfers of all ages and skill levels and ensures on-course play as a major aspect of their development. He shares his thoughts in this piece for Golf Range Magazine.

Five Questions with David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is among the best golf instructors ever. He’s taught some of the biggest names and most successful golfers in the game. Now he’s joining forces with GOLFZON to create indoor golf ranges that offer the most innovative technology in the business. He’s our guest on this month’s edition of Five Questions.

Three Keys to Making Sure You’re Always the Correct Distance from The Ball

By Stefanie Shaw, PGA Being more consistent with results is the number one request golf instructors receive from those seeking to enhance their golf skills. Consistency across your entire game starts with setting the club on the ground. Before we can go through a series of checks and balances, we need to actually talk about what […]