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Investing in Your Range – The Club at Savannah Quarters

With tee sheets filling up faster than ever, golf clubs and courses are devoting added attention to their practice facilities, and in many cases, investing capital in some major renovations of their range and short game areas. The Club at Savannah Quarters recently unveiled some enhancements it made to its amenities, and its members are loving it.

Cantigny Golf: Providing a Winning Formula

Cantigny Golf is redefining public golf. Through its impeccable facilities and targeted programming, Cantigny serves almost two thousand junior golfers each year, and an array of new adult golfers as well. With playing its beautiful courses being the ultimate goal for their students, the PGA Professionals at Cantigny Golf are growing the game in leaps and bounds.

Why Practice Matters and How to Properly Plan It

Brendon Elliott provides his expert insight into the importance of practice in a junior golfer’s progress. The award-winning coach highlights some vital points to remember when motivating your juniors to excel.

Bringing New Golfers to the Range – A Monthly Look at the Efforts of PGA Professionals to Grow the Game

With an influx of new golfers in the past year, practice ranges and short game areas are the driving force in player development and retention. Two PGA Professionals, Juliet Little in New Jersey, and Jason Kuiper in Georgia, highlight their efforts to grow the game in this month’s Bringing New Golfers to the Range segment.

Women Leading on the Range: Playing an Important Role in Player Development

Short courses and putting courses are playing a greater role than ever in the player development and education of students of all ages and skill levels. Mary Hafeman is an award-winning PGA/LPGA Professional at Missing Links Golf Course & Driving Range in Mequon, Wisconsin. She took some time to tell us about it, in her own words.

Five Questions with Stephen Aumock, PGA – Gleneagles Country Club

Stephen Aumock is a leading teacher in the game of golf. The PGA Director of Instruction at Gleneagles Country Club has a Teacher of the Year Award and a Professional Development Award under his belt in the Northern Texas PGA Section. He’s used player development programming and member engagement to drive member retention. We had a few questions for him on the issue, and here’s what he had to say.

GRAA Award Winner Profile: Brian Jones, Kenwood Country Club

Brian Jones is a PGA Professional. He wears many hats and does a lot of good in the game of golf. This piece details his background, his expertise and his efforts to be one of the top mentors in the game.

Teaching on the Practice Range: A Place for Learning and Fun

2020 was a year that posed many challenges in the golf industry. However, with the influx of new players coming to the game, golf coaches across the country devised ways to engage these new golfers now, to retain them for the long-term. Here’s an account of the efforts of some of the very best PGA Professionals in the business.

Overcoming the Challenges of COVID-19: Creating Safe Spaces for Golfers

The second of a two-part series on methods that golf professionals implemented to support their students amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Part 2 discusses their efforts to create safe spaces to engage students.

Overcoming the Challenges of COVID-19: Reaching Golfers through Technology

The first of a two-part series on methods that golf professionals implemented to support their students amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Part 1 discusses their efforts to use technology to engage students online.

Sean Kicker: Allow Independent Golf Instructors to Teach on Your Range

Sean Kicker, PGA explains the benefits he sees from opening his range up to independent instructors

Recognizing 2020 GRAA Top 50 Stand-Alone Facilities

The Stand-Alone Range has developed into a center for practice, learning and socializing, inspiring existing golfers to play more and giving new golfers a place to learn the game. These facilities are recognized for their commitment to growing the game through creative programming focused on practice, social and community initiatives. 

Aaron Croyle: Transition from Range to On-Course Instruction

Aaron Croyle, PGA tells us how he gets his students at the Country Club of Birmingham from the range to the course as easily as possible

Featuring 2020 GRAA Top 50 Private Facilities

This group of facilities is dedicated to serving their members and guests with detailed attention and care while promoting their range as the hub of the facility. Demonstrating leadership through commitment to the pillars of the GRAA has propelled these facilities to the forefront of service.

Spotlighting 2020 GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals

The dedication of these professionals to coach their students play better golf and have more fun, during a time when they needed it most, is inspiring. These 2020 recipients continue a lasting tradition of coaching and mentorship in golf, recognized for their leadership and expertise. 

Honoring 2020 GRAA Top 50 Public Facilities

These public facilities introduced the game of golf to a variety of new golfers, while retaining and inspiring current golfers. Through player development programming, customer engagement and community outreach, our 2020 award winners should be proud of their efforts in growing the game. 

Celebrating 2020 Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals
Elite Member Status

These 34 teaching professionals have distinguished themselves as the “best of the best” by being named a GRAA Top 50 (Top 100 starting in 2020) Growth of the Game Teaching Professional for five or more years. Their consistent, unwavering commitment to growing the game of golf through coaching and player development remains an asset to […]

BigShots Golf Coming to Springfield, Missouri this Spring

Following the trend of fast and fun golf entertainment venues, BigShots Golf, owned by ClubCorp, is getting ready to open its newest location in Springfield, Missouri this spring. The facility’s General Manager gave us a sneak peek at what to expect.

Nashville Practice Facility Still Leading the Way After Two Decades

PGA Professional, Stan Smoot had a vision for the golf practice facility he wanted to own – that was two decades ago. What he started in 2000 has flourished into the premier practice center in the Nashville area. He shares his story of growing a business based on his reputation, a framework to be emulated for sure.

The Stephens Golf Center – Growing the Game in More Ways than One

PGA Professionals, and married couple, Sara and Andrew Stephens are promoting the best aspects of the game of golf at their practice facility and teaching academy. With a growing family of their own, the Stephens’ welcome golfers of all ages and skill levels, and especially cater to those families looking for a good time on the golf range.