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Use PGA Jr League to Introduce the Game

Scott Robbins is a multi-award-winning PGA Professional in Texas. He has been using PGA Jr. League to introduce the competitive side of the game to youth golfers of all ages and skill levels and ensures on-course play as a major aspect of their development. He shares his thoughts in this piece for Golf Range Magazine.

Five Questions with David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is among the best golf instructors ever. He’s taught some of the biggest names and most successful golfers in the game. Now he’s joining forces with GOLFZON to create indoor golf ranges that offer the most innovative technology in the business. He’s our guest on this month’s edition of Five Questions.

Three Keys to Making Sure You’re Always the Correct Distance from The Ball

By Stefanie Shaw, PGA Being more consistent with results is the number one request golf instructors receive from those seeking to enhance their golf skills. Consistency across your entire game starts with setting the club on the ground. Before we can go through a series of checks and balances, we need to actually talk about what […]

Branding Your Instruction for Added Programming

The days of giving a golf lesson and bidding your student adieu until the net one are over. Today’s golf instructor is a golf coach, and at the center of that mentorship is communication. At Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano Golf Courses, they’ve rebranded their golf instruction into a full-service golf academy. They have the facilities, the expertise and a lot of students who are eager to play better golf. Here’s the story of these award-winning facilities.

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