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GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional – Nick Kumpis, PGA

Nick Kumpis is a GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional. His background is in teaching and he is a mentor to the many Santa Ana Country Club members he coaches every day. Read his story here and better understand that the future of the game is in good hands, with PGA Professionals like Nick Kumpis on the lesson tee.

Bringing New Golfers to the Range – Brad Redding, PGA

PGA Master Professional Brad Redding has implemented a unique structure for his teaching business. With his home base in Knoxville, Tennessee, Redding hits the road several times each month to teach students at courses in South Carolina, Virginia and points west in Tennessee. Read about his efforts to grow the game and bring new golfers to the range!

PGA Professional Brian Jacobs’ Top 10 Ways to Keep Students Engaged During the Winter

Brian Jacobs is improving the lives of his young students by mentoring them in reading, friendship and caring. His impact goes far beyond how well his junior golfers can hit a golf ball. Brendon Elliott, PGA introduces us to this award-winning PGA Professional in this piece on engaging students throughout the winter.

Engaging Members During the Winter “Off-Season”

Engaging members and students during the winter months isn’t always easy. Many PGA Professionals put in an endless number of hours from spring to fall, and having those few months off during the winter helps charge their batteries. But, with today’s golf technology, and our increased ability to “keep in touch” thanks to social media, texting and FaceTime, most pros are staying connected to their members and students year-round. Here are some examples and some inspiration for you to do the same.

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