1. Top 25 Aids
  2. BenderStik
  3. Hudl Technique
  4. Balance Rod
  5. ES14
  6. TrackMan

Eric Johnson, PGA, on Putting Aids

Oakmont’s PGA Director of Instruction Eric Johnson describes how he helps his students make more short putts

Not Just for Kids: SNAG Golf

Read about how PGA Professionals Nicole Weller and Doug Hammer use SNAG Golf equipment with their students

One Popular Pole

Read about how PGA Professionals and fitness instructors use the Randy Myers Golf Stretching Pole in their lessons

Everything You Need to Know About The Putting Arc

Top PGA Professionals, including Rob Noel and Steve Whidden, describe how they use this top-ranked putting aid

Swing Shirt Explained

PGA Master Professional Fred Collins describes his Swing Shirt invention

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Nicole Weller, PGA, on SNAG Golf

Stretching Pole Namesake Randy Meyers on the Training Aid

Putting Arc Co-Inventor V.J. Trolio on his Training Aid