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GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional – Robert Dickman, PGA

Robert Dickman is an award-winning PGA teaching professional and owner of his own golf academy in the Illinois PGA Section. Working with his daughter makes the experience of having his own business even more special, and together they offer an array of great programs that educate golfers of all ages and abilities. Here’s their story – check out their website if in the area today!

A Golf Academy to Focus on Your Scoring Shots

PGA Professional Tom Bach has done a lot in golf over his career. His most recently endeavor is a scoring academy that forcuses on the short game, often the most overlooked aspect of golf. Read about his story and wish him well in his new venture!

Virtual Golf Instruction is NOT Just a COVID Thing

Online instruction is here to stay. After all, technology has transformed so many aspects of golf, including how we teach and learn. Quick Fix Golf has programs for all skill levels of play and offers many decades of knowledge of the golf swing. Check out our story – download their app – and hit them up today!

Adam Smith, PGA – An Elite GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional

Second-generation PGA member Adam Smith is an elite GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional. He shared some time to detail his background, history in the game and philosophy on the golf swing and golf instruction.

Harrison Meadows Country Club – A Revived Community Venue

There’s new life in the golfing community of Harrison, New York. The story of Harrison Meadows Country Club is one of rising and rejuvenation to become the centerpiece of a community. Here’s the cool story of the positive effects of golf on a people.

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