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Teaching with Technology for Greatest Results

Technology has changed the way we do virtually everything in life. From medicine to shopping to learning how to hit that little white ball, innovation drives progress and progress leads us into the future. We spoke with several PGA Professionals about their use of technology in teaching students and the breadth of utilization is quite impressive. No more “head down” and “arm straight”.

Investing in Your Range – Sea Pines Country Club

Sea Pines Country Club kicked off some renovations on its range, short game area and cart barn last spring. With expanded space, increased technology and added programming, this endeavor is slated to be complete in early November. PGA Director of Golf James Swift provided some details of this exciting example of Investing in Your Range.

Women Leading on the Range – Utilizing Technology and Coaching the Individual

In the latest installment in our series on Women Leading on the Range, Sarah Stone, the PGA Director of Instruction at Chevy Chase Club in Maryland provides some valuable insight into her use of technology in her teaching and focuses on the benefits of using these tools with students of all skill levels and experience.

Five Questions with Jason Sutton – Teaching with Technology

Jason Sutton is a leading PGA Golf Instructor with a dedicated student base and an adept knowledge of technology, for teaching, communication and marketing. He took some time from his busy schedule to explain what today’s technology means for his business and how all golf coaches and teachers can take advantage of this innovative time in player development.

GRAA Award Winner Profile – McGolf Driving Range

Golf runs in the bloodline of a lot of families, and the McInerney’s are no different. After decades of growing up at McGolf Driving Range in Dedham, Massachusetts, Eric McInerney, an award-winning PGA Professional, now owns the facility with his wife. Here’s the story of a family tradition that’s still going strong.

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