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LPGA Professional Offers Yoga For Golfers

Golf fitness is fast becoming a staple in player development programs and instruction packages. At Lyman Orchards in Connecticut, Marissa Kulig Crow is bringing yoga to her golf coaching – she tells us all about in this piece.

Northeast Performance Institute – Providing a Comprehensive Player Development Experience

The Northeast Performance Institute (CT) provides a full package of golf instruction, going beyond the physical fundamentals, and deep into the mental and movement aspects of the game. Its exceptional staff works with golfers of all levels to improve their skills and increase their enjoyment in playing the game.

The Royal Club – A Dedicated Short Course for Junior Golfers

The Royal Club is a unique new golf facility in the upper Midwest, offering a wonderful story, as much as a magnificent golf experience. This course, designed by two legends of the game, has a growing membership, a loyal local following, a Short Course dedicated to its junior golfers, and an exciting future in store.

The Golf Club at South Hampton – An Elite Practice Facility for the Amateur Golfer

The Golf Club at South Hampton, in St. Augustine, Florida, recently implemented some major modifications to its practice facility, creating an enhanced golf experience for serious golfers, occasional players, and families and friends. Family-owned and operated, this club has a mission to grow the game and also help create lasting memories for its members and public clientele.

Colorado PGA Professional Implements Golf Program as PE Class

With many of America’s youth relegated to distance learning, PGA Professional Dustin Miller is giving them an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the camaraderie of other young people, while learning a game they could enjoy for a lifetime. His innovative programming among the COVID-19 pandemic is benefiting these students and growing his junior golf business.

Milburn Country Club – Investing in Itself

Milburn Country Club is one of those facilities that knows how to merge the traditions of the past with the trends and technology of the 21st century. By investing in its own infrastructure, Milburn is a proven leader in private club advancement and continues to grow its business, as well as the game of golf.

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