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GRAA Award-Winner Profile – Oakwood Country Club

Oakwood Country Club seemed on its last leg just five years ago, but some renovations and a new owner rejuvenated the Kansas City club and started its rise to grandeur. There’s a growing membership of golfers from across the country, stellar practice facilities, pristine course conditions and a team of professionals who know how to serve. Here’s the story of the metamorphosis of Oakwood Country Club, a 2023 GRAA Top 50 Private Facility and 2023 GRAA Top Range Renovation Award winner.

Investing in Your Range – Essex County Country Club

Essex County Country Club has a storied history that has recently been enhanced even more by some renovations done by Gil Hanse and his team. PGA of America Director of Golf Alex Hoyos shares the story in more detail in this month’s edition of Investing in Your Range.

Allen Terrell, PGA – A Coach With An Eye For Talent

Award-winning golf instructor Allen Terrell has something that many other golf coaches don’t, he discovered Dustin Johnson. He recruited him to Coastal Carolina University and they’ve worked together ever since. Terrell has a thriving teaching business at TPC Myrtle Beach and continues to grow the game from the beginner level to the best in the world.

Five Questions with Cassy Tully

Cassy Tully is one of the big names in golf art. After 15 years in business, she is producing some of the game’s most beautiful pieces, representing local clubs on their member-guest day, as well as memorializing some of the biggest tournaments in the world. She shared some time with us for this month’s edition of Five Questions.

Golfing and Dancing Through This Thing Called Life

In this installment of Women Leading on the Range, PGA Associate Kayla Stewart shares some life lessons that she’s learned from her two passions, golf and dance. She helps us realize that not all results are the ones we desire and that with hard work comes greater success.

Mike Carbray, PGA – An Elite Coach Who’s Bringing New Golfers to the Range

Mike Carbray is an award-winning PGA of America Golf Professional. He’s teaching full-time and bringing new golfers to the range while boosting the enjoyment his seasoned golfers get from the game. Working hard all year round, this golf coach has earned his Elite status with the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA).

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