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Sedgefield Country Club Upgrades its Short-Game Practice Area

Sedgefield Country Club is upgrading its short game practice area to the delight of its members, as well as the PGA Tour.

Bay Meadows Family Golf Course – An Ideal Setting to Grow the Game

Like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, Bay Meadows Family Golf Course has blossomed from despair and anonymity to become the blueprint for how to grow the game of golf at all levels of play.

What Does “Growing the Game” Really Mean?

Brendon Elliott, PGA explains why using the term “junior golf” should be phased out, and instead our focus should be on youth player development, and the benefits he thinks can come from that switch

Golf Evolution – What Comes Next?

Golf ranges should flourish with curiosity and golf lessons could be plentiful if facilities market and adapt with the changes, GRAA Elite Status Teacher and PGA National Teacher of the Year recipient Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA believes.

Getting “Golf-Ready” in the Time of Social Distancing

LPGA Tour Professional Natalie Sheary shares how she and other professional golfers stay “golf ready” when stuck indoors

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