May 1, 2018

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Chasing Greatness A study of one player’s practice journey, and how it translated to performance.

“Weathering the Storm”Indoor practice buildings helped many northeastern facilities weather the brutal winter.

Fitting for Drivers: Finding the Right Combination of Clubhead and Shaft – Finding the right clubhead and shaft combination boils down to the player’s individual swing characteristics.

Sunday Before the SundayA young man’s journey from a range in Southern California to Augusta National.

New Range at Orlando Resort Doubles as Outdoor Studio for Golf Channel – The presence of TV production gear—satellite trucks, generators, cameras, miles of cable—brings an added sense of excitement to golf events.

Hanse Upgrades Callaway’s Test Center – Callaway Golf recently tapped renowned golf course designer Gil Hanse to renovate its Ely Callaway Performance Center (ECPC) near the company’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

Rehearsal & Imprints: The Ultimate Mindset Tools – Imagery, visualization and mental rehearsal are common ways to prepare for an action without physically doing it. 

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