June 1, 2018

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Guide to Fitting – It’s no secret that selling golf equipment can be a challenge, especially in the modern climate where e-commerce, big-box and emerging clubfitting boutiques are all competing for attention from golf consumers.

A Window into Wittek Co-Owner, Gene Pruban, discusses the brand’s position as the No. 1 range equipment provider and what the future holds.

Cheyenne, More Than Her Last Name An in-depth conversation with LPGA Tour professional Cheyenne Woods about golf, practice, life and her greatest fear.

Hitting it Out of the Park Palmer Design architect, Thad Layton, maximizes terrain with innovative Golf Practice Park.

The 4 Stages of Developing Athletes: Learn, Compete, Win and Advance – I’ve been lucky enough to spend more than 30 years around high performance athletes and human beings.

Quick Learners Instructors like how SuperSpeed devices help their students get a feel for faster swing speeds that ultimately produce longer drives.

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