June 1, 2018

A Window into Wittek

Co-Owner, Gene Pruban, discusses the brand’s position as the No. 1 range equipment provider and what the future holds

Wittek Golf is one of the most historic and iconic names in practice range equipment. The Illinois-based company has been a staple for more than 70 years. With recent mergers and acquisitions of P&W Golf Supply and Eagle One, respectively, the brand has positioned itself for continued success into the future.

We recently caught up with Wittek’s co-owner Gene Pruban to discuss the company’s current position in the industry and what the future holds – both for the brand and for the practice range landscape.

What were the immediate benefits following the acquisition of Eagle One?

Gene Pruban: Wittek Golf received many benefits from the acquisition of Eagle One. An immediate market share in the west coast golf market, expanded distributor base, direct manufacturing capabilities, the ability to build custom tee markers and the west coast warehousing were just a few. We’ve added to our in house flag department, in house custom sign shop and in house furniture design. With the merger, Wittek/Eagle One truly became the number one supplier/manufacture of range equipment and supplies in the country.

Describe Wittek’s greatest strengths as a company. How do P&W Golf Supply and Eagle One add to the Wittek brand?

Pruban: In house manufacturing, a $5 million inventory level, superior customer service and an exceptional staff are just a few of our greatest strengths. P&W golf supply brought proven and experienced business management and leadership.

Eagle One came with excellent manufacturing capabilities, years of industry knowledge and an existing customer base. With the addition of these brands Wittek/Eagle One is truly your “One Stop Shop.”

We believe that the practice range is more important to the golf landscape than ever, especially with more golfers seeking alternative experiences that are fun but perhaps less time intensive than a full round. What are your thoughts on that and what do you think that means for your brand?

Pruban: We have noticed the increased importance of the practice range. With today’s busy life styles and the time restraints, people look for that fun and convenient opportunity to practice or even learn the game of golf. This increased importance is beneficial to the Wittek brand as we are the leading manufacture of pickers, ball washers, ball dispensers and accessories to deliver a memorable and positive experience for their guests.

Ranges drive revenue for facilities in a variety of ways: buckets of balls, lessons, clinics, clubfitting, and now technology has come to the range in the form of games, better targets, music, video and more. What products from Wittek are you most excited about making the range even more successful?

Pruban: We are truly excited about all of our products. As a direct manufacture we believe in making the longest lasting most durable equipment in the market today, so your business never stops. Our in house design team and art department can bring any design to life, letting you customize the look for your facility and brand.

Wittek has been the leader in the range equipment space for the last 72 years, but what will the 50 years look like? Help our readers envision Wittek’s range of the future, where is this segment of the industry going?

Pruban: Since 1946 Wittek Golf has been the leader in the golf range industry and accessory business. Over the next 50 years we expect Wittek Golf to continue to expand its brand and footprint in the golf industry. On the range of the future we see more automated equipment, products that are lighter yet stronger and more app based services, and Wittek Golf continuing to be the brand of choice!