July 1, 2014

A Wide Range of News – Keeping you up to speed on trends in the golf practice-and-learning sector.

Bringing More Value To The Lesson Tee The art of caring service has a science to it. You’ll find that out as you audit your business and study how work hours are spent.

Systems for Putting Improvement Open the Doors for TeachingIn the age of AimPoint and other specialized platforms for improved performance on the greens, teaching professionals are stepping up the emphasis on this skill area.

July’s Featured Top 25 Teaching & Training Aid: The Orange Whip Swing TrainerThis month’s top-rated training aid has a cool name and a colorful look. It’s also highly functional –and more versatile the more you use it.

Having Completed His Ultimate Performance Center a Canadian Coach Seeks New PathsImpressive in his mix of brawn and brains, former long-driving professional Liam Mucklow is becoming an influential leader of the increasingly science-based practice of golf instruction.

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