February 1, 2018

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Tech TakeoverEmerging technologies are changing the practice range experience.

Seeking the Truth About RadarDo we trust launch monitor calculations or the measurements we take as fitters and teachers?

Going the Distance with Mike Davis The USGA’s CEO addresses golf balls, course setup and whether players are hitting it too far.

GRAA Pavilion was a Demo Day DestinationThe GRAA Pavilion attracted nonstop traffic at last month’s PGA Show Demo Day at Orange County National outside of Orlando.

This St. Louis Range is Older Than the Gateway Arch But fun can’t last forever at the historic golf center…

Wittek Acquisition of Eagle One The lightweight and maneuverable EAGLE LITE was on display during PGA Show 2018.

Measured Approach – Making TrackMan’s data understandable for students can make your lesson plans easier and return visits more likely.

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