August 1, 2014

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Doing eMail RightCompared to the latest social media platforms, email is an old-school form of digital marketing. But it’s still highly valuable if you leverage it wisely.

Revamp Along the PacificDecision-makers at JC Golf saw revenue upside for the Encinitas Ranch practice center and put capital to good use on improvements that matter most to customers.

August’s Featured Top 25 Teaching & Training Aid: The Randy Myers Golf Stretching PoleIt’s not a stretch to see why this month’s top-ranked training aid has become so popular with teaching professionals, tour professionals and golfers of all skill levels.

Leaving a Classic Club to Start Something…Cutting-EdgeThe Inverness Club, site of U.S. Opens and PGA Championships, is where golf professionals David Graf and Jim McGurk sketched out their plan for a new Toledo, Ohio golf landmark.

Risk-Taking Daily Fee Owner Succeeds with Satellite Range.

New App Gets Kids into Golf and Helps Parents Guide Them Seeing a need in the marketplace, Nick Kumpis leveraged his teaching skills to create a smartphone app that’s a hit with junior golfers.

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