February 1, 2016

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16 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Range in 2016 – With the New Year still fresh, Golf Range Magazine presents 16 ways to improve your range operation in 2016 – without having to dig too deep into your pockets.

With Hard Good Sales Sliding, Kapalua Shifts Sales Strategy to Include Greater Focus on the Practice RangeSpecialized clinics that offer new equipment and instruction is the new model in Maui.

The Tour of a LifetimeA former long-drive competitor’s once in a lifetime experience: practicing and playing with PGA Tour golfers at the first three tour stops of 2016.

The Orange Peel: Help Your Students Build a Strong Foundation while Developing Power and ConsistencyDesigned to increase stability, rhythm and tempo – the Orange Peel strengthens golf specific muscles while adding balance and power to the golf swing.

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