February 1, 2016

The Orange Peel: Help Your Students Build a Strong Foundation while Developing Power and Consistency

Designed to increase stability, rhythm and tempo – the Orange Peel strengthens golf specific muscles while adding balance and power to the golf swing

PGA Professionals are always seeking new ways to improve their student’s game. PGA Professional Jim Hackenberg is no exception. As inventor, entrepreneur and developer of Orange Whip Training Products, his various training devices have helped fellow golf professionals and the golfers they teach since 2007.

Hackenberg and many other PGA Professionals agree that balance forges an efficient swing, enabling players to generate power and consistency. This notion inspired him to design the Orange Peel as a tool to promote preeminent balance and proper rotary motions. Comparable to standing at the bottom of a sphere or bowl, the Orange Peel allows users to replicate the feeling of an uphill, downhill or side-hill lie simply by adjusting their feet.

Recreate Feel

PGA and LPGA Professional Nancy Quarcelino, owner of The Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf in Spring Hill, Tennessee, appreciates the Orange Peel’s ability to recreate feel. “I will have students feel their toes, their heels, weight back and weight forward – this allows them to find stability and balance in their setup and golf swing,” adds Quarcelino. “Furthermore, the Orange Peel gives my students and users the ability to feel multiple lies, such as downhill, uphill, ball above their feet and ball below their feet. It’s an invaluable resource.”

Body Training Tool

Not only does the Orange Peel serve as a training aid, but also as a learning tool that helps the body work properly and efficiently as one unit.

“I first started using The Orange Peel after a lengthy discussion with Jim Hackenberg and also seeing the application and its multiple uses,” says Mike Perpich, PGA director of instruction at RiverPines in Johns Creek. “What really drew me to the product was its ability to create an efficient turn and pivot, as many golfers struggle with the concept reverting to a sway.

“In addition, I use the Orange Peel for training of different golf course situations. Whether I’m working with juniors, a single-digit handicapper or PGA Tour Professional, Jason Bohn – all level of players benefit from practicing with the Orange Peel.”

Perfect Balance

As players and students practice and play more frequently, they gain greater understanding of what it means to have a balanced golf swing. The Orange Peel helps produce the balanced sensation needed to create consistent golf shots.

“In golf we have an abundance of different ages, genders and body types, which unveils millions of different ways to swing the golf club. But one item that needs to be consistent amongst all is balance,” says Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, the 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year. “The Orange Peel works wonders for those recovering from injury, as well as my senior students who might struggle with motion and stability.”

At the other end of the age spectrum, Gildersleeve-Jensen uses the Orange Peel extensively with junior students. “Their bodies are constantly changing, growing and developing, which causes change in their swing motion,” she says. “Using the Orange Peel, we can nail down the exact feels and sensations needed to get back on track even when the body is going through rapid change.”


Balance, power, rhythm and the synchronization in the golf swing are all linked to good footwork. In fact, Tiger Woods was once quoted saying: “You should not discount the importance of good footwork.”

Ryan Kennedy, PGA director of instruction at Oakmont Country Club in Glendale, California, feels the same. “We constantly train on the Orange Peel to enhance players’ footwork,” says Kennedy. “It’s a wonderful tool to create awareness and feel in your feet. I will have students hit a few balls on the Peel, then off, then back on. It provides a level of progression within each student I work with.”

Uneven Lies

Even in Texas, where much of the land is notoriously flat, there’s no such a thing as a golf course without an uneven lie. The Orange Peel can be used to train golfers to hit solid shots from various lies.

“If there is anywhere in the country where you might find a golf course as flat as a pancake is here in Texas,” says Scott Robbins, PGA director of instruction at Scott Robbins Golf in The Colony, Texas. “For years I was teaching at a range facility and needed a product to create uneven lies. When I purchased the Orange Peel, I knew I‘d found the product I was searching for.

“Golfers are able to hit from a downhill or uphill lie, where the ball is either above or below their feet,” he adds. “This aid trains users to be sufficient and gives them the ability to execute in difficult situations on the golf course.”