May 1, 2019

Ranges Play Key Role in National Golf  – The 12th annual National Golf Day was May 1 with the core events taking place at the U.S. Capitol.

Troon Enters Golf Entertainment Biz – Topgolf has ushered in an era and helped industry leaders to recognize the value of entertainment centric-venues that use golf ranges as a centerpiece.

GOLFTEC Upping Its Focus on Fitting – GOLFTEC has long been known for its advanced indoor golf lessons, utilizing high-speed cameras and video-sharing capabilities to help people improve at playing the game. 

Taking Home the Trophy This 3-hole course provides a unique space for members and an avenue for community outreach & growth of the game. 

Fitting Beyond Performance As club customization becomes more mainstream, help your golfers create clubs that fit their swing and their personality.

The Secret is: There is no Secret – My good friend and fellow PGA Professional Ted Eleftheriou, the Director of Golf Program Development for the PGA of America, recently posted on LinkedIn.

A Frame-by-Frame Look at the Swing that Produced Tiger’s 15th Major Championship  Tiger Woods has one of the most examined swings in the history of golf.

Tech TalkA stand-alone range in Virginia employs a Director of Technology and R&D…should you?

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