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Tina Tombs

Tina Tombs Golf @ The Arizona Biltmore


5502 E ROCKRIDGE RD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85018, US

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Please indicate past awards won/recognitions:
GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, Golf Magazine Top 100, Golf Digest Best in State, LPGA Awards, Other (Indicate specific awards in 3-a below)

Other awards won (if provided):
Arizona Golf Hall of Fame, New Hampshire Golf Hall of Fame, LPGA Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 450
Female: 700
Junior: 350

Total number of individual clinics given per year:

Please indicate any Growth of the Game initiatives your facility/academy has launched over the past year (please give specifics on such programs):
we host many golf tournaments, women and junior golf events and golf clinics to grow the game. Tina Tombs Golf partners with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour to grow competitive golfers in the game. We volunteer to coach high school golf teams.

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
All programs have Men’s and Ladies PING Full sets available as well as the US KIDS Sets available for all lessons, clinics, and corporate outings. All students fill out a new student assessment before starting a new program.
WOMAN’S WEEKLY “TAKING IT TO THE COURSE” “WOMEN’S WEDNESDAY” CLASSES – (November 1 – June 1). Two sessions: Beginner and Advanced During these weekly sessions, I cover the basic-fundamentals (set up-grip posture and alignment) of all aspects of the game. Including rules and etiquette, pre-shot routine, short game, iron play, hybrids, driver, AimPoint green reading, on course play and course management, shot making.
BACK TO BASICS – These programs are designed for the golfer who wants to reset their fundamentals. Set up, aim and alignment, grip, posture,
routine in all classes
• All the clinics for the very novice golfer offered biweekly to teach the fundamentals in each basic area of the game. and get the student to fall in love with the game.
SHORT GAME SESSIONS – separated into two different sessions and are for all levels of golfers.
• Putting Sessions: AimPoint Express-Speed and Reading of Greens, CaptoGolf Fundamentals and Technique improvement session, Visio Golf Training aids.
• Finesse Wedge Game-set up for the finesse wedge under 25 yards and distance control stations are set up to, 30,40, 50,60 and 75 yard SONIC Target logoed w/ Tina Tombs Golf
PRIVATE and GROUP LESSONS – These sessions are offered 6 days a week to all ages and abilities from the novice golfer to the professional.
• Lessons include an interview, high speed video analysis, launch monitor assessments and 2 D and 3D S2M Force Place analysis. A summary of your lesson with an online video that the student can access at any time.
• Includes all technology, practice plans, weekly assessments of stats and high-speed video. Physical fitness programs, psychology programs and the use of the Heart Math Monitors on and off the course.
• Junior lessons for the advanced tournament player will include more advance sessions then the US Kids Program. The student and I work closely, I will travel to events, practice rounds, teach them how to do yardage books, club yardages, practice plans to get them ready for collegiate golf and then professional if that is their desire. Juniors that are young and just learning it is fun, fun, fun, while learning the fundamentals in a game play atmosphere. I use Visio Golf Putting aids, e Golf Rings, SNAG Junior golf equipment and well as The US KIDS Clubs fitting program and teaching programs.
• This is a weekly practice session where the student is on their own in a group atmosphere where I am available to ask questions and help as needed. The student can use Focus Band, Opti International, Flightscope X3 and Flight Scope Skills, Foresight sports GC Quad Smart2Move Force Plates, K Coach, JC Video, mirrors, alignment aids, blast motion putting aid, Dr. Craig Farnsworth Putting Matt (right or left-handed), putting string, Eyeline putting mirrors and golf training tools, to improve their game using technology available during their lesson.
• Corporations contact me to bring new students to the game through weekly or biweekly corporate outings to introduce their employees to golf to feel comfortable with all aspects of the game and then to feel confident to tee it up when they want to or need to in their corporate atmosphere.
• Speaking Engagements-Tina Tombs Golf performs speaking engagements to groups to first to promote golf, women’s golf and then how we can overcome obstacles to become what we believe we want to become!
• Clinics- I provide clinics at Tina Tombs Golf home at the Arizona Biltmore, but I am also hired to travel to different clubs to perform 1-3 day clinics and outings for groups of women at their private clubs. I usually will pay special attention to the short game, positive routines, and on course play. Then to laugh and have a lot of fun!
• THREE DAY GOLF SCHOOLS FOR juniors and adults. We schedule these 3-4 times a year with invited guest instructors.

Regardless of what part of the game we are working on, the Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor, TV monitor, Smart2Move Force Plates, Boditrak Tour and V1 Sports Video Systems with two Baffler Machine Vision Cameras, alignment aids and mirror are always set up and available for use in every session. Further, I have a privately designated 20,000 square foot teaching space on the range that includes a two-bay Covershot and building. This space has full access adjacent to our private short game areas and putting greens.
Additionally, because improvement of the game is linked to proper fitted golf equipment, an important component of my teaching is based on starting with clubs that fit the student and their game. I became a certified club fitter to provide the student with the best fit club for their game. In every session, I pay special attention to my student’s clubs for a correct fit so that the club produces the result the student is expecting. To provide first-class and reliable fitting, I have a complete PING Fitting cart in my building with all shafts, grips and heads from the new G430 designs to a full women’s GLE3 fitting set. Moreover, the Edel Putting System is included in my putter fitting system and US KIDS’ CLUBS FULL SETS and Fitting system for our junior program. I also have Titleist and Calloway clubs for fittings and sales.