Scott Shapin

Scott Shapin

Pine Lake Country Club

3301 Pine Lake Road

3301 Pine Lake Road, Orchard Lake, Michigan 48324, US

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2017 Mid-Atlantic PGA Section Assistant Professional of the Year, 2011 Southwest PGA Section Assistant Professional of the Year

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 440
Female: 440
Junior: 125

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This was my first year as the Director of Instruction at Pine Lake Country Club. Last year as the lead assistant I taught
approximately 600 hours (for the calendar year 2021) often having to turn away requests for lessons due to scheduling constraints. As a result, the club recognized the demand and need for a dedicated teacher, and I was promoted into my new role.

Prior to taking on this position the club had very few group instruction programs and lacked a professional whose primary focus and priority was teaching. In my first year, in addition to a full calendar of private lessons I have increased the number of clinic hours from 45 to over 115 with programs for every level of golfer. These programs not only added more opportunities for students, it also provided more teaching opportunities for the assistant professionals as many of the programs required more than one instructor. This allowed me to watch the assistants teach and offer feedback to help them grow as instructors, strengthening our teaching program as a whole. The clinics also served as an opportunity to get in front of more students and generate more private lessons. Not only has the total teaching revenue year to date (including all professionals at PLCC) increased from approximately $80,000 to $150,000 our golf shop revenue has increased by over $235,000 as well. My students, who have taken private lessons (roughly 135 people) account for 33% of total shop revenue (shop sales, lessons, tournament entry fees).

While this past season boasted a packed schedule of both private and group coaching the following stood out as exemplars of the success of our growing instructional program.

Women’s Golf: As an operation overall, we recognize the opportunity for growth when it comes to women’s golf and in turn have invested in supporting that growth with a holistic approach that includes instructional, operational, and retail components.

We offer two beginner instructional programs for women, Women’s Welcome to Golf & Women’s Three Hole League (adapted and expanded versions of Get Golf Ready). Our Welcome to Golf program is open to both golf and social members and is meant for true beginners as a welcoming and reassuring environment to help lower the often-intimidating barrier to entry. This program consists of four one-hour classes that cover everything from basic form and swing mechanics to how to drive a golf cart and facility tour. Our 3-Hole League combines both instruction and on-course play. Each week consists of a 30-minute clinic, followed by three holes of golf, and dinner. The atmosphere prioritizes growth, on-course practice, and socializing. We offer two sessions, 4-weeks each.

This year we saw a tremendous response to our beginner programming with 12 participants in our Welcome to Golf program, 30 in the first session of 3-Hole League, and 30 in the second session of 3-Hole League, combined we had 43 unique participants. As evidence of their enthusiasm and also the hugely important role these new golfers play in our overall operation, the 43 unique new women golfers were responsible for approximately $57,000 of revenue generated through the shop (including shop sales, lesson revenue, and tournament entry fees). Many of these ladies went on to play in our women’s evening league which consists of 108 ladies, and there was a significant increase in sign-ups for our couples league that maxes out at 128 with a waitlist of over 50 people.

Junior Golf: Prior to this year our only junior golf offering was our 7-week summer junior golf program. While this is a great introduction to golf it was limited to the singular short summer session. This year we added three new junior programs in addition to the traditional summer program. The new programs are Drive, Chip, and Putt clinics, Junior League, and Junior Elite Coaching.

The four-weeklong Drive, Chip, and Putt clinic series provided juniors with the opportunity for Spring golf while honing their skills and preparing them to compete in the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition. This year we had over 25 students participate in the clinics (some attending more than one session) and 7 juniors that went on to compete in the local Drive, Chip, and Putt qualifiers.

In our first year of Junior League, we had two in-house teams with 24 participants. Juniors and their parents appreciated the additional platform for competitive golf and it is a program we are planning to grow going forward.

The Junior Elite Coaching program was added specifically for juniors 12 and older that want to play competitively. While our traditional summer junior golf program prioritizes exposure to the game for as many juniors at all skill levels as possible, the elite coaching program prioritizes building competitive athletes and providing an atmosphere for them to grow and challenge themselves and each other. Of the 14 juniors that participated in the elite coaching program, four are already members of their high school golf teams while the others are prepping to go into high school in the next year or two. One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Elite Coaching program is that it runs year-round on a weekly basis providing sustained instruction for our juniors that are most dedicated to the game.

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
Summer Junior Golf Program: 150 participants
Our summer Junior Program runs for 6 weeks and concludes with the Junior Club Championship. The program participants are classified by the number of holes they play, little linkers (ages 5-7) 1 hole, 3-holers (8-10), 5-holers (11-12), 9 and 18-holers (13 and up). Juniors can play up based on their scores. Every Tuesday, juniors attend two 15-minute clinics (4 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio). One clinic takes place on the putting green and the other takes place on the range. After the clinic, they go on the course to play.

Weekly Women’s Clinics: 40 clinics (weekly) averaging 4 students per session
The weekly clinics were twice a week during the winter on our simulators and once a week during the season. We covered all topics.

Putting Clinics: 4 clinics, averaging 6 students per session
One-hour clinic focusing on the three putting skills, speed, face control, and green reading. Each student received a brochure with the class material as well as practice methods and games.

Wedge Clinics: 2 clinics, averaging 5 students per session
The one-hour clinic focused on wedges and how to control distance. Each student built their wedge matrix that they could keep in their bag.

Chipping Clinics: 2 clinics, averaging 6 students per session
The one-hour clinic focused on the fundamentals of chipping, including club selection and distance control. Each student received a brochure with the class material.

3-Hole Women’s League: 2 sessions (4 weeks per session) averaging 30 students
This league is designed for new players and runs for four weeks. Each week starts with a 30-minute clinic on a specific topic. Players then play 3 holes followed by dinner. The ladies have so much fun with this program that it has grown from 15 players last year to 30 and some continue to play in the league even though their skill level has progressed beyond it.

Help, I have to Play Golf Today! Clinic: 5 clinics, 17 students
Last year one of my biggest requests was for a last-minute lesson prior to the Women’s Evening League. I used this to create the Help, I Have to Play Golf Today! Clinic. This clinic allowed me to accommodate more students and was an opportunity for them to get a few minutes of help before their round each week. This was very well received by the ladies and will be continued going forward.

Elite Junior Coaching: Weekly, 90 minutes each averaging 6 students
Program created for junior golfers wanting to play competitive golf. We focus on all aspects of the game.

Women’s Welcome to Golf: 4 weeks, 12 students
Our take on Get Golf Ready. Open to golf and social members. Each of the four clinics had an instruction component and a golf knowledge component, including, facility tour, how to drive a golf cart, and rules discussion on the course.

Drive, Chip, and Putt Series: 4 sessions (4 clinics per session) averaging 10 students
This clinic focused on the three aspects of the competition. Each clinic had a teaching component and a competition component. The final clinic was a mock competition.