Robert Dickman

Robert Dickman

Robert Dickman Golf

Willow Hill Golf Course

1350 Willow Road

Willow Hill Golf Course 1350 Willow Road, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, US

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Please indicate past awards won/recognitions:
PGA Section Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Best in State

Other awards won:

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 800
Female: 300
Junior: 400

Total number of individual clinics given per year:

Please indicate any Growth of the Game initiatives your facility/academy has launched over the past year (please give specifics on such programs):
– Beginners Golf School Presented by Robert Dickman Golf at Willow Hill Golf Course: Your first lesson is your most important, start with the best! Our Beginner’s Golf School is an experience designed for those just starting, to help you learn the game and feel comfortable getting out on the golf course and enjoying every round!
In this class players will learn:
· The building blocks of the golf swing
· How to make consistent contact with the golf ball
· The causes of off-line shots and how to correct
· Short-shot skills
· The fundamentals of putting
· Drills that show you how to practice and make it fun

– Breaking 100, Breaking 90…and Keeping It Off! Presented By Robert Dickman Golf at Willow Hill Golf Course: This school highlights a smaller class size and allows you to learn and transfer the skills to break your record for a fraction of the price of a far-away golf school.
In this class you will learn:
· To use “The Scoring Method”, a systematic approach to understanding and eliminating strokes
· Personalized swing improvement plan and implementation
· The causes of off-line shots and how to correct
· Wedge play
· The fundamentals of putting
· How to practice learning a skill and how to practice transferring the skill to the course

– Women’s Golf Clinics Presented by Robert Dickman Golf at Willow Hill Golf Course: This 5 week Women’s Golf Clinic is designed to improve your golf technique and understanding, using the time-tested practices of Bob Dickman. Each class offers group education plus personalized focus in a small setting (5-6 students maximum).
In the Clinic series, we focus on:
· Tailoring full swings (irons and driver)
· Adjusting wedge shots
· Perfecting the putting stroke
· Strategy and Course Management
· Drills that show you how to practice and make it fun

– Summer Junior Golf Development Program Presented by Robert Dickman Golf at Willow Hill Golf Course: Designed for children ages 6-13 years of age. Provides fundamental movement exercises to hone coordination, balance, speed, and endurance – all skills that will advance your child in golf and every other sport they play through games and competition.
– FUNdamentals and Learn to Play Stages (Boys and Girls Age 6-9) Develops athletic movement skills in a fun, engaging way while teaching early golf specific fundamentals
– Learn to Play and Play to Improve (Boys and Girls Aged 10-13): Further develops fundamental movement skills while teaching general golf skills and course readiness

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
– Fitness Training: Virtually all of us have joint limitations that prevent desired movements in our swing. Many have adhered to a very strict exercise plan in hope of achieving more mobility and stability. Unfortunately, these programs have not addressed the culprit, joint immobility.
16 years ago, I met Pam Owens from Houston Texas as first graduates of the Titleist Performance Institute. Together, we formulated packages for students to combine our expertise into an all star winter golf training experience to bring players to the next level.
As an integral part of the offered packages, Pam meets with us via zoom at The Golf House gym. Those who cannot participate live will have a link to access. Having this state of the art methodic at your fingertips is an amazing value.
Our body parts do not work independent of each other. What is happening in the upper body is deeply intertwined with the hips and lower body. It is for this reason our first class gives players life changing movement ability in the scapula and shoulder areas. The second class will focus on the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Just about every golfer I teach desires more ability to use the lower body. This class gives players the engine and understanding on how to improve the movement of the lower body. Finally, for those looking to go all the way, the full package is the first two classes as well as a full three-month subscription to all of Pam’s online classes. I personally participate on the Golf Mobility Club during the winter.

– Summer on the Hill Series with Robert Dickman Golf: The below small group training sessions were designed to create the ultimate way to jump start your game in various areas
– Putting Prowess: This class begins with a presentation of the important putting metrics and adaptations to help train players putting to be consistent and reliable day to day, course to course. Players will Learn the four fundamentals of Putting:
Ø Your putter’s path, face angle, timing and other variables using our Trackman Studio
Ø Drills to Improve your stroke
Ø Devices you can build and use in your practice
Ø Performance games to bring your stroke to the course
– Wedges Wedges Wedges: This all-encompassing wedge class focuses on all wedge shots including partial shots all the way down to shots around the green except for bunker shots. Players will learn:
Ø A proper set up for all the various shots
Ø Proper foot pressure during the swing using Bodi Trak Pressure sensors
Ø How to achieve proper shaft lean
Ø Drills to help your individual technique
Ø Games to bring your stroke to the course
– Driving School: This class begins with a presentation explaining the Trackman and Ground Force metrics necessary to exploit the speed of your driver along with the current myths around the driver and ends with a tailored Driving Swing Instruction. Students are all given an opportunity to hit on the Trackman during this session. Players will learn:
Ø What causes attack angle and how you should achieve proper attack angle
Ø How to train for speed…. And how not to train for speed
Ø How to cheat and hit it straighter
Ø How to balance distance and accuracy in your game
Ø Games to bring your driving range driver to the course