Mountain Brook Club

2017 GRAA Top 50 Golf Range / Private Facilities

Mountain Brook Club

Jeff Jordan, PGA Director of Golf

19 Beechwood Road

Birmingham, AL 35213

Facility Amenities:

  • Grass tees (3)
  • Bays with mats (2)
  • Heated Bays (2)
  • Accurate yardage measurements on tees to targets
  • Short Game Practice Area
  • Synthetic Putting Green
  • Grass Putting Green
  • Covered Areas
  • Golf Shop (500 sq. ft.)
  • Ball flight monitor
  • Trackman and V1 video software

Type of Range Targets:

  • Flags
  • Bunkers
  • Built-up greens
  • Fairway cuts

Instruction provided.

Number of PGA Professional Instructors: 3

Clubfitting services provided.

Number of range balls dispensed per year: 25,000

Number of range balls in inventory: 9,000

New balls are acquired: Three times  per year

Best range promotion: New ladies’ clinic format has been a great hit: 8 months of 3 clinics in each month. Each clinic is now only 1 hour in length, so we keep them moving around from station to station to cover many different aspects of golf. I learned this technique from tennis, as
their clinics are continuously moving. A normal golf clinic can become very stale and static by hitting balls in one place, so this technique has increased our weekly clinics from approximately 6 ladies to 18!