Methodist University Golf Club

Methodist University Golf Club

5400 Ramsey Street

Fayetteville, North Carolina 28311

(910) 630-7145

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Facility Amenities:

  • Grass Tees (4)
  • Bays with Mats (4)
  • Accurate Yardage Measurements on Tees to Targets
  • Short Game Practice Area
  • Grass Putting Green
  • Covered Areas

Additional Amenities:

  • Golf Shop (600 sq. ft.)
  • Heated Bays (4)
  • Indoor Simulator
  • Ball Flight Monitor
  • Club Repair Lab
  • Trackman (2)
  • K-Vest
  • SAM Putt Lab
  • Foresight GC2
  • Wedge Range
  • Fitting Carts

Type of Range Targets:

  • Flags
  • Bunkers
  • Built-up Greens
  • Six greens mowed at shorter height outlines and defined with Bermuda rough for clear visual definition.
  • Right side of the range is a simulated practice hole that has two fairway bunkers positioned 30-35 yards apart to define the width of a fairway.
  • Wedge Range has 17 sand circles, in a V shape, that are 4 feet in diameter starting at 20 yards going all the way to 100 yards, in 10 yard increments, to work on distance control.
  • Multiple targets to include two portable Sonix targets, two portable circle nets, two 15 feet poles that have an adjustable height bar in between to simulate hitting under or above a certain height, and ten large poles that are painted different colors based on the distance from the middle of the range tee.

Instruction provided.

Number of PGA Professional Instructors: 7

Clubfitting services provided.

Total number of visits to range per year: 50,000

Number of range balls dispensed on range per year: 4-5 million

Number of range balls in inventory: 25,000

New balls are acquired: Once per year


Best range promotion:

I would say we have two, one being our Player Development Program and the other being our Wounded Warrior Program. The Player Development Program is designed for all members that have not passed the PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT). These classes meet once per week (50 mins) for 10 weeks. The Wounded Warrior Program is similar to our Player Development but it is for members of the military who have been injured in the line of duty and are transitioning back into the civilian world. Each member is a part of the Wounded Transition Battalion on Fort Bragg. These classes meet on Monday mornings from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, with a lunch provided from 12:00 to 1:00 pm and run for 8 weeks. Both the Player Development and Wounded Warrior Programs included instruction on short game, putting, on course lessons, shot shaping, wedges, irons, driving, Trackman and SAM PuttLab analysis.

Special programs:

We offer a number of special programs for our local community including: Wounded Warrior Program, Summer Junior Camp/Advanced Camp/Summer Experience, First Tee, Local High School Practice Days, Special Olympics, Board of Visitors Golf Tournament, and a Drive, Chip and Putt Local Qualifier. As mentioned above the Wounded Warrior Program is for members of the military who have been injured in the line of duty and are transitioning back into the civilian world. The Summer Camps include Junior Camp (15-25 participants), Advanced Camp (20-25 participants) and PGA Summer Experience (15-20 participants). We offer our Local Sandhills First Tee Chapter and Local High Schools to use the facility multiple times throughout the year to play and practice. We host Special Olympics on our Campus and our members are involved in helping teach putting and chipping during those sessions. The Board of Visitors Golf Tournament involves local business people to bring a 3-some to come play a tournament with a Methodist PGA Golf Management Student in each group and other MU PGA Students caddying for each group. This helps the students connect with the local business people and vice versa. This was our second year hosting a Local Drive, Chip and Putt Qualifier and we had a total of 95 participants this year.