Methodist University Golf Club

2015 GRAA Top 50 Golf Range / Private Facilities

Methodist University Golf Club

Robbie Fritz, Head Professional/Director of Instruction

5400 Ramsey St.

Fayetteville, NC 28311

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Facility Amenities:

  • Grass tees (4)
  • Bays with Mats (4)
  • Accurate yardage measurements on tees to targets
  • Short Game Practice Area
  • Grass Putting Green
  • Covered Areas
  • Golf shop (600 sq. ft.)

Type of Range Targets:

  • Flags
  • Bunkers
  • Built-up greens
  • Fairway cuts
  • Circle target nets with yellow accent foam noodles for wedge shots. Sonix targets. 10 colored range poles (ex. 3 red 100 yards, 3 black/white 150 yards, 3 blue 200 yards, 1 yellow gold 250 yards). The range poles are strategically placed closer together at 100 yards and farther apart at 200 yards to give feedback on dispersion of shots. Two of our bunkers on the range are measured approx. 30 yards apart to simulate the width of a fairway. We have Eyeline target circles that we use on the practice greens for skills testing. At the back end (south end) of our practice range we have a “wedge range” made up of 4ft. circle bunkers starting at 20 yards and continuing in 10 yard intervals all the way to 100 yards (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.). They are placed in a big “V” shape.

Instruction provided.

Number of PGA Professional Instructors: 7

Clubfitting services provided.

Number of range balls dispensed per year: 5,000,000

Number of range balls in inventory: 24,000

New balls are acquired: Annually

Best range promotion: We offer a Player Development program targeted towards helping our students pass the PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT). We have approximately 60 students total in these group classes that meet for twelve consecutive weeks in the Fall and for twelve weeks in the Spring. Each class is 50 minutes and there are nine different class times offered each week with an average class size of 6-7 students. At the beginning of each semester we administer a Performance Analysis Record (PAR) test that measures their short game and long game. We also have these students complete a TrackMan combine test and they have to submit ten (10) scorecards for ten rounds of golf. After these assessments we work with the students in the group classes each week in a “supervised practice” format. They can also take unlimited private golf lessons with our staff of 7 PGA Professionals (the Men’s and Women’s golf coaches can only give lessons during their seasons). During each class we focus on random or transfer practice where the students have to change clubs and targets each shot. We also record the results so we can get proper feedback and make changes as necessary. Each class usually ends with a competitive game. This is a total game program where our instructors work on each students’ (Jim McLean 25% Theory) long game, short game, mental game, and management game. At the end of each semester we use PAT scores, tournament scores, and post tests (combines) to assess the progress the student has made and to make better decisions regarding their improvement plans for the future.

Special Programs: During each academic semester this year we are hosting an 8 week program with the Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) for wounded warriors. We have 10-12 participants for this Fall semester. The 8 week curriculum is very in depth and covers all aspects of the game of golf, such as Jim McLean’s 25% Theory: long game, short game, mental game, and management game. It has been an absolute honor to host this program and to share the great game of golf with these heroes. The participants range in skill level from rank beginner to advanced golfer.

In the local community we also offer summer junior golf camps. We have day camps in the summer and we have overnight camps through the former PGA Summer Experience program. One of the other cool events we host is the Board of Visitors (BOV) golf tournament. This is the only tournament we host for “non members.” We will actually have our PGA Golf Management students caddie in this event, which adds a nice special touch.