Janean Murphy

Janean Murphy

Meadowbrook Country Club

200 Meadowbrook Country Club Estates

200 Meadowbrook Country Club Estates, Ballwin, Missouri 63011, US

Please indicate past awards won/recognitions:
GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, LPGA Awards

Other awards won:
2019&2018 US Kids top 50 coach, 2020& 2021 USKids Honorable Mention Top 50 Coach, 2019 & 2020 OP36 Top 50 Coach, 2021 & 2022 OP36 Master Top 50 Coach

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 275
Female: 200
Junior: 225

Total number of individual clinics given per year:

Please indicate any Growth of the Game initiatives your facility/academy has launched over the past year (please give specifics on such programs):
I am always trying to engage all ages of the membership at Meadowbrook CC. I always want to offer some sort of group programming for all ages and genders in addition to private instruction.

Golf and Giggles (powered by Birdie Basics) for the 4-6 year olds – these classes focus on putting, chipping and full swing. They are 30 min weekly sessions to introduce young players to the game through storytelling and easy to remember phrases that relate to fundamentals.

OP36 After School & Summer Program for the 7-15 year olds – This program combines play from an appropriate yardage with weekly classes that develop skills that juniors need to learn to play golf. I run a 10 week spring semester, 8 week summer semester and 10 week fall semester. I want to keep the juniors engaged in golf as much as I can, and make sure they have the opportunity to learn and play almost year-round.

PGA Junior League for the 13 & Under in the summer. Junior league provides the juniors weekly competition in a fun environment. The two person scramble allows them to feel pressure, but with a small safety net by having a partner.

Par-Tee Ladies classes – to help ladies develop the skills needed to make more PARS. I alternate one week short game skill, next week long game skill. I have dropped these classes to 30 min instead of 60 min. The ladies seem to like that they can get in and out and on with their day. It’s one simple topic that they can understand and implement easier/faster.

Co-Ed Adult Classes – These are skill based topics that I attach a cool/catchy title to. Typically runs for 3-4 weeks with each class being 60 min. A lot of them start or end at the 19th hole for a drink.

Co-Ed Adult Player’s On Course Training – 90 min of on-course training. I pick a different topic each week like mental game, tee shots, uneven lies, trouble shots, 25-50 yd shots, 75-100 yard shots, 125-150 yard shots, etc. We go off late in the evening on the back nine and drop balls from rough, fairway, hills, certain yardage, but the goal is to help the players learn to play golf on the course. Super popular. Members love being on the course working on parts of their game in a realistic scenario.

On-Course Playing Lessons – I offer 9 hole lessons for 2-3 members where I coach them during their 9 hole round. I look at alignment, swing mechanics, short game skills, green reading, course management, club selection, mental game, uneven lies, bunker shots, trouble shots, etc. You name I cover it. This has been a great way to invest in the members. I get to know them and their game. Then, when they come back for a lesson I have a great understanding of what is really happening during their round. I can suggest areas to focus on for biggest gains on strokes lost.

Co-Ed Adult TAG – Tennis and Golf class – Cardio Tennis drills and Elevate Golf drills. This class is to help the intermediate tennis/golf member enhance their game. Learn to practice like a pro. On the golf side we will cover 20-25 min of full swing and then 25 min of short game drills each week. These drills will challenge the players mental game and sharpen their skills.

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
The junior golfers are easy to engage with. They earn skill point chips weekly in class for completing a drill, winning a competition, sportsmanship behavior, etc. Then, at the end of the semester we have a party to celebrate their successful semester. The juniors are able to redeem their skill points chips for swag (hats, towels, putting mirror, alignment sticks, pop up nets, gift cards, balls, games, toys, Bluetooth speakers, twinkle lights for their rooms, and more). The juniors love coming to class and discovering what new drill we will be working on to develop a skill that leads to skill point chips.

For the adults I have learned three things that I implemented in 2022.
1) alcohol names to class titles “Birdies and Booze”, Wine & Wedges”. These are skill based classes that are 60 min in length focusing on a particular skill. We meet at the 19th hole before class and grab a drink of the day before learning/practicing a fundamental. OR we end at the 19th hole after class for a shared bottle of wine to recap class. I even raffled off a bottle of wine after each class while we sat around and chatted.

2) On course 9 hole playing lessons – what a way to invest in the membership. I get 2-3 members at a time so a win for me. I get to really know and understand what is occurring in the round. Sometimes we go to the 19th hole after and recap, just depends on their schedule. Spending two hours for 9 holes is a great way for me to connect with the member and help them enjoy golf.

3) On-Course clinics called Player’s On Course. These classes are amazing. To let members get on the course and learn what is their 50yard club, 100 yard club, 150 yard club. Teach them how to hit out of rough or off an uneven lie that normally frustrates them. Amazing. Teaching them how to hit out of a fairway bunker and take that frustration away b/c now they can execute and get out. Love it. Helping them read greens correctly on holes they actually play on, not just a practice green. All of this adds value to their ability to score. These are just a few topics I cover but I love letting them drop balls, hit re-dos, try different clubs. Learn what works for their game. It’s my favorite group class to teach.

So, I engage the kids weekly with different drills and challenges that earn them skill point chips. I engage the adults best on the course. Helping them play golf, not just learn a skill. I love teaching them how to use the skills they know on the course in real situations. I have had so many members come tell me about improved rounds they play after the players on course classes or a 9 hole playing lesson that helped them. Ahhh, that just melts my heart and why I teach. I love golf and I love the membership at Meadowbrook. I love helping them enjoy playing golf.