Dr Alison Curdt

Dr Alison Curdt

Alison Curdt Golf @ Wood Ranch Golf Club

301 Wood Ranch Parkways

301 Wood Ranch Parkways, Simi Valley, California 93065, US

Please indicate past awards won/recognitions:
PGA Section Teacher of the Year, GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, Golf Digest Best in State, LPGA Awards, Other (Indicate specific awards in 3-a below)

Other awards won (if provided):
Golf Mag Top 100 Teacher to Watch, Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Teacher, GRAA Elite Teaching Professional

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 1000
Female: 500
Junior: 500

Total number of individual clinics given per year:

Please indicate any Growth of the Game initiatives your facility/academy has launched over the past year (please give specifics on such programs):
This past year I have continued the Growth of the Game initiatives I’ve implemented in the past several years at my facility. The past nine years at my facility I have increased lesson taking by over 100% and have brought a wealth of non-members to facility who have in turn become members. As the Director of Instruction, I’ve had free reign to create programming and provide learning opportunities for students to help them enjoy the game longer and to keep them in the game. I’ve also created opportunities for students and juniors to get excited about golf, so they don’t leave the game early because they find it too difficult to continue in. This past year I have focused on bootcamp style programming, outside of my regular individual and conjoint lessons. These bootcamps are geared to an experienced player and I bring in special coaches to share different perspectives on short game, tactical knowledge, ground reaction force measurements, and mental game. These camps have given my students access to other experts that we can bring that knowledge back into our lesson programing. These all day, and weekend style camps are a sort of “intensive” for the study and really propel them to their next level of play. Mental strategy, course management, rules, and etiquette are features I still cover in my on-course sessions. Every program I conduct with my students include ample on-course time so we can cover the actual playing of the game. This has helped my students accelerate their performance due to the transference of range knowledge to course knowledge.

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
A program that I have run the past few years in a coaching package that includes mental coaching as well as physical coaching. Within that program a TPI assessment is completed, a swing assessment is conducted, and mental inventories are taken. The results are then shared with the client for a coaching relationship to begin. Outlined in that relationship is what the student’s responsibilities are for the program to be successful (frequency of lessons, mental game applications to complete, work with a PT or physical trainer to improve the body for lifelong golf enjoyment). Other responsibilities would include uploading a video or picture of the student practicing during weeks they aren’t being see in a lesson to ensure accountability. When the students knows I am keeping tab on their tournament performances, their practice performances, and have an interest in their success I find them to be more engaged. When the coaching process seems transactional I find less accountability on behalf of the student. The other program I have conducted is a “90/10” program. Within 90 days the program I build for the student will reduce or gain 10% in any area they choose. For example 10% reduction in score, 10% gain in driving distance, 10% reduction in putting average and so forth. This is geared toward players who score 90 and above and within the 90 time frame, allow the student to have a concentrated focus on their improvement with a clear goal in mind and an actionable plan to commit to. I implemented the use of Sportsbox AI into my lesson program. The advantage of having my students use this app is the “watchlist” and homework features. I can tell when students complete the assignments and the practices and it allows for the accountability of the student to own their game and work on the components we cover in lesson. I provide one month free to new package students and it helps them track their progress in measurable ways. It keeps them engaged because of the accountability factor, and they know I care about their progress and we are measuring it in specific ways.