Dale Abraham, PGA


2015 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals

Dale Abraham, PGA

Desert Mountain Club

39809 N. 7th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85086

Facility Type: Private

Past Awards/Recognitions:

  • PGA Section Teacher of the Year
  • Golf Digest Best in State
  • Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Instructor 2011-present,
  • Southwest Section PGA Teacher of the Year 2013
  • SCPGA Teacher of the Year 2008
  • SCPGA Inland Empire Chapter Teacher of the Year 2007

Approximate number of free “tune-ups” and lessons given per year: 400

Growth of the game initiatives: 

Family Golf Night – A new program this year aimed at increasing participation rates and growing the game of golf. I offer two junior clinics on Sunday afternoon followed by the ability to play with their parents at a substantial discount. Normal green fees are $195 per person. With this program, families of 4 can play for a total of $60 including two golf carts and range balls. Pace is slower during this time to help prevent parents from feeling rushed and to allow families to enjoy time on the golf course together. Our hope is that this program will get more local juniors involved in the game and help instill within them a love for the game. So far in 2016, we have seen a growth in the program each week.

Ladies Fun League – Each Monday, the Ladies’ Fun League consists of a 45 minute instruction clinic followed by 4 holes of on- course instruction. This program is designed to break down the typical barriers that prevent women from starting the game. During this program, I help the participants learn all of the different concepts of playing golf while using what I call the “It’s OK Rules.” The It’s Ok Rules allow participants to tee the ball up at any time, advance the ball whenever they would like, pull balls out of bunkers…These rules are designed to promote having fun, learning and providing an inviting atmosphere where women can meet others that are trying to learn the game.

Aim Point Express Green Reading
I became certified to teach the Aim Point Express Green Reading method in January of 2015 after having a guest instructor teach it to one of my students in 2014. I found the method to be an exciting revolution in the way we read greens, a fast and simple way to introduce green reading to beginner and novice golfers and a great way for advanced golfers to improve their skills. Using this method, golfers can learn to read greens accurately in less than 2 hours rather than having to spend countless hours of practice trying to estimate the break of a putt. In the first two months of my conducting these clinics, I had over 200 participants, with class sizes limited to 8, with a 98% success rate of participants signing up for the second level of instruction. I continue to use this method to teach green reading to beginner golfers, juniors and advanced players. For the beginning golfer and for juniors, it’s a quick and easy way to be able to accurately read any green with minimal practice and investment in time.

From Beginner to Winner
This twelve (12) week lesson series is an introduction to the game of golf. Students are directed on all aspects of golf, from how to

check in before the round to what to do when the round is over and everything in between. With a low 6:1 student to teacher ratio, each student receives personal attention that allows them to learn aspects of the game that most golfers take for granted.

Simplicity Golf School
Designed for all levels of golfers, the Simplicity Golf School four week series is designed to help golfers of all ages and ability levels through instruction on the full swing, short game, etiquette, rules, on-course instruction and course management skills. Students use the instruction concepts learned in this course to build a lasting foundation for the game of a lifetime.

Member Golf Clinics (Free)
Weekly clinics held on Saturday mornings designed to help improve members’ golf games and increase number of rounds played. These one hour clinics have helped decrease the participants’ handicaps and have lead to an increase in rounds played by the members that participate in the clinics. The popularity of this clinic program has grown enought that I now have to offer two separate Saturday morning clinics to be able to accommodate all of the participants.

Friday Family Golf Clinics
Bring the family out to share the experience of golf in the beautiful setting and natural splendor of the Telluride Golf Club (Summers). Instructors facilitate an hour of fun games and activities for all ages and skill levels. This program allows parents to introduce their juniors to the game of golf in a fun and safe environment.

Coaching Hour

A low-cost supervised practice program where the coach helps the student to discover his/her full potential by inspiring him/ her to reach his/her goals through providing support and a creative learning environment. As the instructor/coach, I introduce a practice topic and organize games, skills challenges and activities to help the students improve their techniques.

Introduction to TPI Free Clinics
During these 1 hour free clinics, I spend time educating golfers on how they can improve their bodies to improve their golf games, lesson the potential for injury and help themselves feel better on a daily basis. By helping people become for physically fit for golf, I am able to make an impact on the amount of golf they play. Being healthier leads to being able to play more rounds of golf and playing better creates a desire to play more as well.

Play Like a Pro – 9 hole on-course instruction
During this 9 hole on course lesson, participants learn to strategically play a golf course, handle uneven lies and maximize their current scoring potential. With a low 4:1 student to teacher ratio, each participant receives personal attention.

Wedge Works
During this 2-hour class, participants receive instruction on all aspects of wedge play including chipping, pitching, bunker play and middle wedge play. They are also custom fit for two wedges that are then special ordered as part of their participation.

Road to Golf (ages 5-18)
The Road to Golf Junior Program is an innovative approach to golf development. Based on the principles of long-term athletic development, this junior program incorporates all the necessary fundamental movements the game of golf requires in a safe, fun and exciting learning atmosphere. This program gives juniors the head start they need to succeed and excel in golf.

Strokes of Genius – this summer long program is designed to give juniors free access to the golf club and to help raise funds for college scholarships. Juniors participate in free weekly clinics, receive free individual lessons, are able to play after 1:00pm for free and can practice for free as well. We also hold an annual tournament and charitable auction that raises money for college scholarships. This year, 2016, the Telluride Foundation was able to award over $50,000 in college scholarships to local high school graduates.

I have also participated in the PGA Growth of the Game Initiative Programs, including TEE IT FORWARD, Play Golf America and have been a member of the PGA’s Presidents Council for my participating in these programs. This year, I have been a part of the Free Lesson Month, held Get Golf Ready Clinics and other programs in an attempt to help make golf more readily accessible to and less intimidating to potential new participants. I have also helped raise funds and donations for the last 6 years for the charitable organization Arizona Helping Hands that benefits less fortunate juniors and their families, have donated lessons to raise money for the C.A.R.E. (Cancer Awareness Research Education) Organization, the local YMCA program called the “Y” Angels and have also donated lesson to the Upscale Singers Organization that helps provide college scholarships to local students in need