Chelsea Soda

Chelsea Soda

Echo Valley Country Club

3150 Echo Valley Drive

3150 Echo Valley Drive, Norwalk, Iowa 50211, US

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Other awards won:

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 250
Female: 250
Junior: 300

Total number of individual clinics given per year:

Please indicate any Growth of the Game initiatives your facility/academy has launched over the past year (please give specifics on such programs):
I offer many different Growth of the Game initiatives at Echo Valley and in the Des Moines Metro.
At Echo Valley I run 4 Operation36 sessions, 1 competitive golfer program, 2 “a-la-carte” junior golfer programs per week May-Sept. I also run 2 junior camps with 40 participants in the summer. I also teach 3 junior golf camps with 50 participants each for the City of Waukee and 5 junior clinics with 10 participants each. All my junior programs are designed to teach fundamentals of golf centered around fun and continuing their growth in golf. I provide a clear pathway for them to continue learning and continue being involved in golf.

At Echo Valley I offer “beginner clinics” on Ladies Day. The Ladies groups typically finish their rounds around 6:00, which is when the clinic ends. This way, the clinic participants can mingle with the Ladies group golfers and will be encouraged to play in Ladies Day events in the future when they feel more confident in their games.

I also offer custom classes to our new members and social members and encourage them to create a group class with their friends. I have them book 5 sessions and we start with (1) chipping and putting, (2) then full swing, (3) on-course to teach them etiquette and why they’re learning different types of shots, (4) full swing, bunkers and chipping, (5) play golf.

We have also created the Echo Valley Junior Golfer of the Year award where we give the winner a WWE style championship wrestling belt. They earn points for playing in events, telling a coach who won the PGA or LPGA tournament that week, checking in the golf shop when they practice, display kindness to another person, participating in camps & clinics, playing in Iowa PGA Junior golf events, advancing in Operation36 and anything else a coach deems special.

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
To keep students engaged I provide multiple opportunities to keep them engaged while we are together and also while we are apart. I give each of my students a CoachNow profile, which I utilize during each lesson to take videos, leave the students notes and videos on how and what to practice, and also put realizations from each lesson on their profile in their own words. Students are also able to communicate with me via CoachNow in sending comments on posts I have made, create their own posts, and even upload their own swing videos or pictures of their stat sheets. Creating this two way communication is valuable in keeping in communication and gives the student the opportunity to look back at our sessions to help them during their practice sessions on their own. I believe that having consistent and clear communication is the most important part of being a successful golf coach.
Another way I keep students engaged is by keeping a whiteboard in our teaching facility where I write various accomplishments by students, such as high score in competitions, a tournament win or someone making their first birdie. The kids get so excited when they can write their name on the whiteboard and they’re always looking to see new additions or changes. It provides a fun, competitive environment even in individual sessions.
Something new I have done this year is add a “Student Assessment” to my bookable services. These assessments provide the opportunity for us to discuss goals, timeline, budget, and plan going forward. The assessment sets up a relationship for us to hold each other accountable, and give us something to work towards.