Bobby Jones Golf Course

Bobby Jones Golf Course

2205 Northside Dr NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30305

(404) 355-1009

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The entire Bobby Jones facility was redesigned to transform a property that housed an outdated, dangerous 18-hole golf course to a revolutionary, reversible nine-hole course, practice facility, junior golf course and golf academy. The Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation is a group of private citizens who raised over 20 million dollars to renovate the land with the help of local business sponsors and the help and design of Bob Cupp. The original property was 18 holes with no range and no practice facilities at all. The lack of space presented a huge opportunity to create an innovative reversible nine-hole course that saved enough room to build a two-sided range, a junior golf course and short game area. There will also be one additional short game area built after the clubhouse is finished in 2020. The redesign also allowed for the creation of the Grand Slam Golf Academy, which has become the catalyst for new programs to engage the community and help grow the game. The range now has 40 hitting bays on each side, as well as a six-hole junior course and a short game area.