Bill Scott

Bill Scott

Don Law Golf Academy At Osprey Point

12551 Glades Road

12551 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33498, US

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Please indicate past awards won/recognitions:
PGA Section Teacher of the Year, GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional

Other awards won (if provided):
2021 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional Elite Status, 2020 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, 2019 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, 2018 South Florida Section PGA Teacher of the Year, 2018 SEC South Florida Section Player Development Award, 2018 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, 2017 South Florida Section Youth Player Development Award, 2017 South Florida Section Player Development Award, 2017 GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, 2017 SEC South Florida Section Player Development Award, 2016 GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional 2016 South Florida Section Junior Player Development Award, 2015 GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, 2015 South Florida Section Player Development Award, 2011 & 2013 South Florida Section Youth Development Award, 2006, 2007 & 2010 SEC South Florida Junior Golf Leader Award, 2012 SEC South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year Award, 2009, 2010 & 2011 US Kids Top 50 Instructor, 2012 US Kids Master Instructor Award, 2010 and 2011 Play Golf America Top 100 Performer

Total number of individual lessons given per year:
Male: 975
Female: 545
Junior: 1400

Total number of individual clinics given per year:

Please indicate any Growth of the Game initiatives your facility/academy has launched over the past year (please give specifics on such programs):
My commitment Growing the Game of golf is well documented throughout my career in the various programs I have been responsible for, as well as, the leadership positions I held. At each level of my career, I have sought out programs and people who work with juniors and adult and that are involved in golf programming for all ages. My contributions to golf are represented not only in my PGA service but also through my leadership and participation in the Don Law Golf Academy (DLGA) programming. Annually, I teach more than 1,400 youth private lessons, 1300 adult lessons, offer spring, summer and holiday junior camps, Get Golf Ready and Adult Education Classes for Palm Beach County, after school classes structured for beginner to advanced players with a variety of events and tournaments. All these instructional activities, events, and programs are geared for all age groups.

Please share any programming you have made to keep your customers & students engaged:
SFPGA Team Golf
I introduced SFPGA Team Golf to Osprey Point – doubled its participation in 2016 and nearly quadrupled in in 2017. This summer, I am adding another coach (now two) and will have PGA interns assisting with the growing program. I was also one of the inaugural Coaching Captains for the PGA Junior League at Osprey Point.
Parkit Golf Company
I started ParKit Golf alongside of three other PGA Professionals to help other PGA Professionals create Youth Golf Programs. This company provides training aids and golf games to assist professionals and schools teaching youth golf. It is with passion for helping youth golf that I continue to find opportunities to make a difference not only in my community, at DLGA, and in the PGA Chapter and Section.
High Performance Academy

In 2018, I was instrumental in the creation of the High-Performance Golf Academy for the Don Law Golf Academy. This is a newly formalized program that covers all age groups that are either playing in or preparing to play in golf tournaments. I taught Advanced classes early on with Don Law dating back to 2006 prior to making this a staple for our Academy.

YouTube Channel
With the emergence of Covid-19 and my facility being shut down my traditional way of communicating with my students was no longer an option. At this point my mind shifted on how I could support my students better maintain their golf games during this unprecedented shutdown. I first started with personalized videos texts of drills, exercises and family based educational games to keep them in good golf form and lift youth and family moral. However, I quickly realized that this method would be very restrictive – the videos were limited in length, as well as, time consuming as each general video needing to be separately sent by text to protect student’s personal information. It was then that I realized that I could easily upload the videos to my existing YouTube Channel. My account which had not gotten much use since I started it in 2009 has grown in followers by 90%. Once I upload the video to YouTube, I can now forward the link to each video on my Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as well as blind copy the link to students email addresses. This is something that I will continue to do post Covid-19 as the importance of teacher to student communication is paramount. Below are some links to some of my recently released videos: