Bighorn Golf Club

2017 GRAA Top 50 Golf Range / Private Facilities

Bighorn Golf Club

Dale Abraham, PGA Director of Instruction

255 Palowet Drive

Palm Desert, California 92260

Facility Amenities:

  • Grass Tees (2 driving ranges that are both double sided where we will have up to 30 on each end)
  • Accurate Yardage Measurements on Tees to Targets
  • Grass Putting Green
  • Covered Areas

Additional Amenities:

  • Golf Shop (1,500 Sq. Ft.)
  • Heated Bays (1)
  • Ball Flight Monitor
  • We have an indoor/outdoor Learning Center where we utilize a V1 HD 4-camera system, TrackMan 4, Science and Motion PuttLab, Mitchell iron bending machine and Mitchell putter bending machine as well as Blast Golf. We also have numerous fitting systems from club manufacturers.

Type of Range Targets:

  • Flags
  • Bunkers
  • Built-up Greens
  • Fairway Cuts

Instruction provided.

Number of PGA Professional Instructors: 3

Clubfitting services provided.

Total number of visits to range per year: 35,000

Number of range balls dispensed on range per year: approximately 6,840,000

Number of range balls in inventory: 19,104

New balls are acquired: 2 times per year

A list of technologies used in instruction: Ball Flight Monitor

Best range promotion:

Here are just a few of the programs we offered:
Aim Point Express Green Reading – Level 1 & 2
AimPoint Green Reading will transform your gam e by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught–exactly where to aim. Aim Point Express is a revolutionary green-reading method based on the highly accurate, Emmy Award winning AimPoint Technology seen on the Golf Channel. After going through the AimPoint Green Reading education, you will never again have to guess at how much a putt breaks. Any putt. Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt.

What You Will Learn
How to accurately ide ntify slope
How slope direction and grade a ffect break
How to determine precise break amounts fo r any putt
How to read long single breaking putts
How to read double breaking putts
How to handle large slopes

Limited to 8 participants maximum per session.
If you have previously attended an AimPoint Le vel 1 or 2 class with Dale, you may sit-in for a refresher on any of the AimPoint Classes

Group Playing lesson
Learn to take your gam e to the next level through proper course management, strategy and decision making as well as instruction. During this 9 –hole lesson, you will be taught the 10 scoring keys, how to strategically play a golf course, how to handle uneven lies and how to maximize your current scoring potential. Maximum of four students per session.

Short Game School
Learn to become a m aster of recovery during this short game school. Dale’s proven principles and techniques will have you getting up and down more often and will lower your scores. During this 2-hour program, instruction will be given in all aspects of the short game: putting, chipping, pitching, sand play and even mid-wedge techniques when time allows. You will leave with a better
understanding of how to play each shot, the true fundamentals for success and the tools to hit consistent short game shots.
Minimum 2 students.

Putting Speed Control Clinics:
Did you know that even a 0.4m ph variance on a 10′ putt can make you miss the putt 70% of the time? In this one hour clinic you will learn to control the speed you hit putts more consistently and thus make more putts.
Individual lessons:
Including: full swing analysis, short game instruction, on-course instruction, Science and Motion PuttLab analysis & TrackMan 4
Dual Radar Launch Monitor analysis:
One Hour Private Lesson
30 minute Private Lesson
On-Course Playing Lesson s – hourly. Learn the ten scoring keys, how to play strategic golf, handle uneven lies and play your best golf.
Lesso n Series of 6 hours
30 Minute Lesson Series o f 12
“Unlimited Package” Includes w eekly lessons, custom practice plan, short game and full swing handicap testing, TrackMan Skills combine, supervised practice sessions, group playing lessons, handicap tracking and more.

Skills Combine Testing with the TrackMan 4 Dual Radar Launch Monitor: $65 per test
Professional Club Fitting:
Driver Fitting $100
Iron Fitting $100
Hybrid and Fairw ay Wood Fitting: $100
Putter Fitting: $100
Full Fitting: $350
TPI or CHEK Phy sical Evaluation with personalized prescription for improvement: $125/hour

Special programs:

BIGHORN Golf Club Charities, a 501-c3 dedicated to providing college scholarships, English as a Second Language classes and mountains of gifts during our Holiday Toy Drive is one of the BIGHORN Charities.

Over $2.6 million has been raised to contribute to the education and training of Coachella Valley’s future leaders and BIGHORN Members are proud to make a difference in individuals’ lives.

BIGHORN Golf Club Charity, BIGHORN Cares, gave over $900,000 in grants to 85 qualified non-profit organizations whose work benefits the most under-served citizens in the Coachella Valley last year. BIGHORN Golf Club Charities developed the BIGHORN Cares program to fund specific projects produced by local non-profit organizations that demonstrate a need and are significantly impacting the quality of life for the people they serve.