January 3, 2019

Zach Abels: Stay Up-to-Date on Technology at the PGA Merchandise Show

Zach Abels, the 2016 PGA Rocky Mountain Section Youth Player Development recipient, is the PGA Head Professional at Canyon Springs Golf Course, in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Zach Abels on the importance of staying up-to-date on technology at the PGA Merchandise Show:
When it comes to swing trainers and gadgets, I am not the biggest fan. With that being said, it’s impossible to overlook the growing area dedicated to these gadgets and gizmos at the PGA Merchandise Show’s Demo Day. From clubs with alterations to improve hand placements throughout the swing, full on vests and shirts, and even systems to stand on to simulate different lies- trainers have become much more specific in areas of the swing that they intend to fix or adjust. A fair number of trainers incorporate an added fitness value to them with the ability to provide stretching and light weight training. Combine this with the added value of technology and being able to show our students how their swings have changed and adapted to the correction provided by said trainers, this market only stands to both thrive and grow.

Zach Abels on the business impact of staying up-to-date on technology at the PGA Merchandise Show:
The impact of now being more aware and understanding of these improved and specific training aids has been tremendous in my own teaching. Having a better understanding of the stretching concepts and weight training while improving a golf swing at the same time has led to a positive uptick in lesson revenue of about 25 percent from last season. This coming season, our junior programs will have a training aid aspect for our better players on a trial basis with the intention of providing this to all juniors in the near future. Giving a local physical trainer idea for golf related exercise was something I never thought would be possible.