January 17, 2014

Yamaha Golf-Car Company To Introduce Lee Trevino As Brand Ambassador At PGA Merchandise Show

It was 22 years ago, fresh off his victory in the U.S. Senior Open Championship, when Lee Trevino decided to purchase a golf car for better getting around his modest ranch in Dallas. He bought a Yamaha G1 model. And he hauled everything in it, from fence posts, to rocks, to his clubs and shag bag, for two decades. Then he bought another Yamaha golf car last spring.

Fast forward several months, and Trevino and Yamaha Golf-Car Company (YGC) have now entered into an exciting new marketing partnership. It was a match made in heaven, and on the opening day of the PGA Merchandise Show YGC will introduce Trevino as its international brand ambassador and spokesman for a broad-reaching new advertising campaign.

“What a wonderful and prophetic opportunity to be able to welcome Lee Trevino into the Yamaha Golf-Car Company family,” says YGC President Tom McDonald. “It is hard to imagine an iconic figure like Lee having a more tangible connection and high regard for any other brand than he does with Yamaha.”

Trevino, recipient of the 2013 PGA Distinguished Service Award, will be introduced at the YGC Booth (#2243) on Wednesday, January 22, at 10:00am. And while Trevino will light up the booth with his exuberant personality, it will ultimately be YGC’s proprietary Electronic Fuel Injection technology (EFI) that will once again capture the attention of Show attendees looking to reduce the maintenance costs of their golf car fleet.

As an industry first, Electronic Fuel Injection for the Yamaha gas golf cars offers many benefits over traditional carbureted fuel delivery systems, including:

• The greenest gasoline-powered golf car available, and with the industry’s smallest
carbon footprint.
• Cleaner burning with less exhaust emissions.
• Smoother, more responsive acceleration.
• No choke required.
• No need to re-jet to compensate for less dense air in higher altitudes.
• Unprecedented gas mileage.

“Over two years ago we were excited to be the first golf car manufacturer to offer Electronic Fuel Injection to our customers” added McDonald. “We were able to draw from the technology gained in manufacturing other reliable Yamaha products such as Wave Runners, outboard motors, motorcycles and ATV’s that also have Fuel Injection. The benefits of EFI will save fleet operators thousands of dollars in fuel costs.”

In referring to the benefits of EFI in one of the YGC television commercials, Trevino cleverly coined the phrase “No Choke, No Smoke.”

The Yamaha Golf-Car Company ad campaign, themed “Best Drive of the Day,” will debut at the PGA Merchandise Show and run in various trade and consumer media outlets. The campaign was photographed and filmed in Orlando at several golf course and clubhouse locations at Reunion Resort & Club, an exclusive Yamaha facility.

About Yamaha Golf-Car Company:
Yamaha Golf-Car Company, headquartered in Newnan, Georgia since 1988, manufactures the most highly engineered, highest quality golf cars and utility vehicles in the industry. Yamaha also offers a complete line of transportation and specialty vehicles. For more information about this topic or to schedule an interview, please call 770-254-4154 or visit us on the web at

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