March 22, 2016

Wizard Golf Launches New Game Improvement Product Line

Wizard Golf, LLC is a new company with an innovative concept: Great Golf. Simplified. Their goal is to simplify the golf swing – bringing golfers to the moment of discovery and confidence with a few ground-breaking concepts. Wizard Golf is launching a line of products covering all aspects of the golf game. Each innovative product takes a different path to learning. Instead of focusing on specific problems, they teach and perfect the way a golfer’s particular swing or stroke should feel, and imprint that feeling into muscle memory. This revolutionary concept produces nearly magical results, and the improvement golfers are experiencing with the Swing Wizzard™ is making the golf world take notice.

Keith Rogers, president of Wizard Golf, LLC, comments, “The response to the Swing Wizzard™ has been incredible. I wanted to help golfers understand how a good swing should feel with proper club position throughout the entire swing – from the take-away, through impact and follow-through. Golfers would swing it a few times and immediately and have an ‘aha’ moment right on the spot. There are millions of golf swings. Every one is different, but they all need to arrive at impact effectively. There are no exceptions. The Swing Wizzard™ simplifies the swing and boils it down to a feel. From there, I knew that providing products that simplify the motion of the swing or stroke, along with results-oriented practice aids could take any golfer from good to great in no time. Many golf aid products focus on ‘finding 10 extra yards.’ I don’t believe that should be anyone’s goal. I’ll take repeatable over powerful any day of the week. Most golfers know that once you have achieved repeatable, distance is not far behind. Our line of products supports this theory and work miraculously well for every golfer.”The new additions to the product line focus on the short game and address chipping, pitching, alignment, putting stroke, putting aim and focus, as well as practice targets – all designed to build consistency and accuracy. The Chip Wizard attaches to the Swing Wizzard™ and encourages the proper hands-forward position required for accurate chip shots. The Wizard Putting System includes the Tour Stroke, a device to help develop a long, smooth putting stroke; the True Line, an innovative string trainer for alignment; and the Putter’s Edge, a multi-function hole reducer for creating a more focused target. The Wizard Target Master has three targets for chipping, pitching and putting that collapse and store easily in a golf bag. The Wizard Sticks come with two attachments that provide five adjustments to assist with alignment. Wizard Golf is also launching the first of its line of golf accessories with the Wizard Tour Towel, made from a highly absorbent microfiber material with a built-in ball-cleaning pocket.

Great Golf. Simplified. It’s a bold statement. Wizard Golf’s mission is to help golfers find a new perspective in learning and practicing, while offering profound improvement and a chance to take their entire golf game to a whole new level.

All Wizard Golf™ products are available at or by calling 844.WIZ.ZARD (844.949.9273.)

High resolution photographs available upon request by contacting Marjie Goode.

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