June 9, 2020

Wittek Golf Adds Cart Dividers to Product Line

Wittek Golf, a P&W Golf Supply company and the worldwide leader in driving range and golf course equipment, in light of the COVID19 situation has released a brand-new cart divider given courses reopening across the country. Wittek’s new cart divider was created with the intention of protecting both the driver and passenger in a cart, in a minimally intrusive and easy to apply way. The result is a divider made with high quality, clear vinyl material that is both easy to clean and easy to apply to course’s current carts using bungee cords on both the top and bottom of the vinyl piece.


Wittek’s cart dividers are sold in two sizes, the small style is 32”H x 32”W and is designed to fit all Club Car models. The large style is 35”H x 35”W and is designed to fit all EZ Go and Yamaha models. Both sizes are shipped including application instructions, as some cart styles may need to be tweaked for a snug fit. In less than one week, Wittek’s sales of both styles have shown no signs of slowing, as courses around the county are looking to reopen while keeping both their staff and guests safe in the new environment. For questions and orders, please contact Wittek by phone at 800-869-1800 or visit their website at