September 26, 2012

Video: Let Students Video You to Recap Lessons

Eric McInerney, a PGA Apprentice and TPI Certified golf fitness instructor, is the PGA head professional at McGolf Learning Center in Dedham, Mass.

Eric McInerney on the importance of letting students video you to recap lessons:
At the end of every lesson, I help the student understand the key instruction points by having him or her switch places with me while I demonstrate what they need to practice. Basically what this does is give them a lasting image of the drills and concepts they need to engrain into their game; standing behind the camera and watching someone else gives the student an appreciation of exactly what has to happen in their swing. Doing a voiceover during video of your student’s swing is common, but there is a bridge to gap between pointing out a swing flaw on instruction software and displaying the correct motion yourself. This quick recap at the end of every lesson helps establish a different connection with my students, and they absolutely love when I do this. I email the video clip to my personal email from the students phone, which is a great way to build a database of previous students. When I receive the email, I create a folder under my students and save those videos under their name. It’s a great way for me as the instructor to remember what I worked on with a specific student. For me, this is a great way to keep track of what each of my students is working on so that I am aware of what they needed to practice.

Eric McInerney on the business impact of letting students video you to recap lessons:
For six days a week, my lesson book is completely full with repeat students. While it is impossible to directly quantify how much the lesson recap video helps for revenue, I believe this service is key to establishing relationships with students who have a unique feeling walking away from a lesson because the lasting image of that session is my demonstration.