September 23, 2013

Eric McInerney: Compare Your Students to Tour Players by Using Smartphones

Eric-McInerneyEric McInerney, a PGA apprentice, TPI-certified golf fitness instructor and U.S. Kids Golf-certified instructor, is the PGA head professional at McGolf Learning Center in Dedham, Mass.

Eric McInerney on the importance of comparing your students to tour players by using smartphones:
With technology readily available to all of my students in the form of their smartphones, one way I am able to help them is by using their smartphones to take a video of my instruction at the end of each lesson. In my instruction video, I will have their swing on one side and a professional’s swing on the other side. While this is a common practice in video instruction, doing this with their phone allows them to immediately go practice after the lesson. Instead of trying to remember what the lesson was about or writing it down, we have a video in their smartphone that is always available to watch in case they need to go back to certain fundamentals. It’s an easy video archive for them to have wherever they go! In this video, I compare one of my students to Aaron Baddeley and describe how his lower body moves before his shoulders while transitioning into the downswing.

Eric McInerney on the business impact of comparing your students to tour players using smartphones:
For six days a week, my lesson book is completely full with repeat students. Giving students the ability to look on their smartphones when they are trying to remember what to work on is an added service to help them improve their golf games. It improves the relationship between my students and me and gives them a lasting image of every lesson they have with me.

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