June 11, 2014

Vertias Golf Co. Hires New Vice President of Professional Tours

“When you have a chance to sign to your team an innovator who brings with him the credibility of a guy like Jim Barfield, you ink the deal.” Said Veritas Golf Company CEO, James P. McCarthy. That was the excited sentiment around the headquarters of Veritas headquarters today when he announced today that Rife Putters Co-Founder, Jim Barfield will be its new Vice President of Professional Tours. Barfield begins his new role today and will immediately head to Chicago for the Champions Tour’s Encompass Championship at North Shore Country Club.

Barfield was on the front lines when Rife’s many innovations were introduced. For Veritas he will wear many hats, but his primary role will be to work with professional players on every tour and help them understand the virtues of the Cure Putter line. Said Barfield, “I am really excited to be the guy that brings this technology to the marketplace of tour pros. At Rife we were always slightly ahead of our time, and so is Veritas and the Cure Putter line.” He added, “Back in the day, MOI up to 5800 was considered beneficial and anything over 6000 MOI might have been too much. Steve Davis and Deane Beman have proven higher MOI can truly be an asset to the person putting. So with their MOI ranging over 10,000 to almost 20,000, that person can’t go wrong. On top of this putter’s other unique features, this high MOI can only inspire confidence for a player standing over the ball on the putting green.”

What makes the Cure RX1 and RX2 putters unique is the full array of adjustable features, including lie angle, the ability to change the shaft from right handed to left handed with just the turn of a screw, and adjustable weighting. Last week, based on feedback from Tour players, Veritas added an offset shaft to the line, one more dimension to a truly personalized and customized club fitting experience.

McCarthy added, “There are only a handful of people in the golf industry, specifically the putter segment, who bring to the table the experience, the innovation and relationships that Jim does.” He added, “I hope this sends a signal to the marketplace that we are in this for the long haul and our goal is simply and only to make the best putters. Jim helps us get there faster.”

A graduate of Auburn University, Barfield’s career is a portrait of success, including playing professional baseball for a time. In 2004 he co-founded then-called Guerin Rife Golf, and by 2008 it was the fifth largest putter company in the North America. When Rife Putters was recently sold, the door was opened for him to join Veritas. “This is truly the next generation of great putters,” he said. “When we look back three to five years from now, on the list of equipment improvements that made a difference, I am convinced the Cure Putter will be near or at the top of that list.”

Founded by PGA of America Professional, Jeff Ryan, and partner Steve Davis, an architect with a scratch handicap, the Veritas Golf Company has invented what former PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane Beman has called “the most technologically advanced putters ever made.” Mr. Beman was so impressed he joined the company and he has collaborated with Mr. Davis and has become a part owner in the business.

The first putter invented by Davis, the Cure RX1 Putter, represented a breakthrough in putter engineering. Based on the highest MOI design in the industry and adjustable lie angles, and adjustable weighting, Beman says “the RX1 made other putters obsolete.”

Beman says, “The Cure RX Putters are the best feeling and most technically advanced putters ever made. The Cure RX2 Putter is simply the best prescription available.”

About Veritas Golf Company: Veritas Golf is a science-based manufacturer of great putters, thinking outside the box and producing innovative golf equipment that is “Engineered To Inspire Confidence.” Veritas means “Truth” in Latin, and Veritas Golf is committed to game-improving equipment through better engineering. A famous architect, Louis Sullivan, coined the phrase “form follows function.” Veritas Golf has created a new “form” of putter based on the functional requirements of lie adjustability and increased moment of inertia. What resulted is a putting breakthrough. Cure Putters can be found on the web at, on Facebook at ( and Twitter at (@cureputters).

Mark D. Berman
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