January 5, 2017

Trey Scott: Hold Job Interviews at the PGA Merchandise Show

Trey Scott is a PGA Professional based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Trey Scott on the importance of holding job interviews at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Beginning in January 2014, I started holding job interviews for the upcoming season at the PGA Merchandise Show. The PGA of America sets aside meeting rooms for this exact purpose, with chairs and tables arranged perfectly for a job interview. Being at a club in Kentucky, this allowed me to interview PGM students from Eastern Kentucky (and any other local schools) along with anyone from around the country. It not only allowed me to complete an important task earlier in the offseason, but helped candidates cut down on their travel time and costs during their job search. It’s very similar system to how minor league baseball teams hold their job interviews for various positions all in one place at the Winter Meetings.

Trey Scott on the business impact of holding job interviews at the PGA Merchandise Show:
This worked great for me, as I found fantastic, productive employees and interns who did many outside service tasks for me at the club, especially on the practice facilities. During 2015 we invested over $2,500 into our practice facilities. The new employees hired during the PGA show were a key aspect to maintaining these newly upgraded practice facilities. They helped keep the practice facilities clean, picked range balls, and made sure the short game area was set up, organized, and broken down each day. The other thing this did for me was it freed up the month of February, allowing our team to brainstorm new ways to drive revenue from both the course and the practice facility, reach out to potential outings, and focus on new merchandising strategies. So hold your seasonal job interviews at the PGA Merchandise Show. It’ll be a great use of your time.

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