February 24, 2017

Trent Wearner: Create Course-Like Scenarios on the Lesson Tee and Practice Range

Trent Wearner, the PGA Owner/Operator of Trent Wearner Golf at Meridian Golf Club in Englewood, Colorado, is the author of “Golf Scrimmages.”

Trent Wearner on the importance of creating course-like scenarios on the lesson tee and practice range:
It is very common for students to learn and practice with ideal hitting conditions, perfect lies or off of artificial hitting mats. Unfortunately, as you know, the great shots they hit in practice don’t hold up on the course. It is for that reason that we created a practice environment that mimics the course as much as possible. At our learning academy on the grounds of Meridian Golf Club, we recreate such scenarios as high rough, uneven lies, and fairway bunkers. We like to say that we bring the course to practice, and by doing so people play better on the course. Our teaching philosophy involves three tangible segments. 1) Mechanics, 2) Practice, and 3) Getting the student on the course. And in this light, we stress an effective mental game as being as vital as the execution of the mechanics taught. This is a theory that has proven successful at all levels of play. The key to our success is prescribing effective practice plans and knowing when the student is ready to take his or her newfound skills on to the golf course. Whether it be through private instruction, or group sessions of only three students to one instructor, our students see much success in their progression from novice to legitimate golfer.

Trent Wearner on the business impact of creating course-like scenarios on the lesson tee and practice range:
We offer monthly packages and coaching programs that allow us to set goals with the student, prescribe effective practice sessions between lessons, and monitor on-course progress. With such small groups and established instruction staff, we charge a little more than the next guy, but feel the quality of the instruction makes the cost well worth it. We teach students of all levels, and lessons increase annually. In fact, during our busy summer months, I’m booking lessons five or six weeks out. Proving my staff’s effectiveness, we have 30 students who have gone on to play in national USGA events, and eleven individual high school state champions. We love teaching beginners, but when you have players at such high levels tapping into your expertise, you know you’re doing something right. With a great staff and fabulous facility, you can grow your business rapidly. Bringing the course to practice is a creed by which I have taught for almost 20 years.

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