January 3, 2020

Trent Maxwell: Stick to Your Bread and Butter at the PGA Merchandise Show

Trent Maxwell, a Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter, is the PGA General Manager and Co-Owner of the Windmill Golf Center in Macedonia, Ohio.

Trent Maxwell on the importance of sticking to your bread and butter at the PGA Merchandise Show:

While it’s great to explore new vendors and products that could be of interest to your clientele, sometimes it pays to stick to what you know best. We’ve carried PING equipment at our course for eight years, and at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show I tried out their newest driver, the G410 Driver and really liked what I saw. I placed an order, added it to my fitting stable, and came back home to Windmill Golf Center.

Trent Maxwell on the business impact of sticking to your bread and butter at the PGA Merchandise Show:

The results were tremendous. It was our best-selling PING driver ever and our #1 driver overall for the season, selling over 160 of them. It also helped increase additional bag fittings for those players by 10 percent. Additional benefits were that PING was our number one selling company and it led to lots of referrals because our customer base liked it so much. So, especially if your clientele aren’t fans of change, don’t be afraid to just stick to your bread and butter vendors when at the PGA Merchandise Show. Your customers trust them, you believe in them, and that combination in confidence is all they need for a successful fitting.

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