July 1, 2015

Training Consistency and Power with the Momentus Weighted Iron the Weighted Club Helps Ingrain the Feeling of New Swing Positions, Compliments Other Training Aids

By: Phil McCarthy, PGA

The Momentus Weighted Iron Swing Trainer is one of the most adopted training aids on the PGA Tour and it ranked 12th on the 2015 GRAA Teaching & Training Aids survey.

A weighted shaft accounts for most of the load of the Momentus Weighted Iron. When a golfer swings the club, the weight of the shaft generates momentum and naturally swings along a consistent and proper swing plane. It’s notably effective when trying to help students feel the difference between an “over the top” swing plane and a proper downswing because the weighted club provides a sensation of how a golf club “loads” itself in a proper takeaway.

The manufacturer, Momentus Golf, offers the Weighted Iron in several options. Each available right-and lefthanded and with the choice of a standard or training grip, the options include: 35 inches/48 ounces; 35 inches/ 40 ounces; 35 inches/32 ounces; 34 inches/28 ounces; 33 inches/24 ounces; and the “Traveler,” which is 30 inches/40 ounces but disassembles into two 15 inch segments and includes a carrying case.

David Graf, the PGA director of golf at Golf Performance Institute in Maumee, Ohio, finds it to be a multi-functional teaching and training aid. “The obvious feature is that it can help golfers to stretch and warmup before the round. I believe it’s a great tool to help golfers feel the different positions in their swings. “With a weighted iron, it’s easy as an instructor to get across to the student that they need to crawl before they walk, and walk before they run,” says Graf. “Golfers will swing at ‘110 percent’ even when they’re trying to change positions, but it’s very difficult to feel differences at full speed. The Momentus Weighted Iron helps students slow down and also amplifies the feelings of new swing positions.”


The Momentus Weighted Iron is particularly useful as a warmup aid. When swung slowly it allows the user to ingrain a proper feel of the club swinging on plane while having enough weighted resistance to loosen muscles. PGA Director of Golf Michael Haywood says that his students at Tucson (Arizona) Country Club are instructed on how to responsibly use the aid with respect to potential injury. “While at first glance it’s pretty straightforward training aid to use, it’s also important that our students use it in a serious, concerted training program,” he explains. “We as instructors are mindful that different types of students will have different abilities to swing a weighted club. With a weighted club it can be harmful to swing at full speed.” Graf explains one drill he uses with students: “I’ll have students begin their swing from halfway through their follow through – so the club starts pointing toward the target. Then they’ll take their full backswing from that position, which creates a fuller turn of the body.”


While the Momentus Weighted Iron is a proven training aid to increase power, Sarah Bidney, the PGA director of instruction at Wakonda Club in Des Moines, Iowa, notes that it’s also a great complimentary tool when used with other training aids. “The Momentus Weighted Iron allows students to build power, but power isn’t the only factor that increases distance,” she says. “I often have students compliment training with a weighted club by using lightweight aids, like a shaft with no clubhead, to train speed. Our clients build power and tempo with the weighted club and learn to generate speed with the lightweight training aid.” Haywood echoes those sentiments. “I find that the Momentus Weighted Iron is complimented by the Orange Whip Swing Trainer on the tempo side. Since a weighted club poses injury risk if swung at full speed, we ask our students not to do it with the Momentus Weighted Iron. But combining the two allows for students to train power, speed and tempo.”


Haywood explains that Tucson Country Club has an extensive fitness program and that training aids are often included as sign-up bonuses for customers who register for classes. “The Momentus Weighted Iron is one of the aids we package with fitness programs as an added value because it’s a power building training aid,” he says. “We teach our students how to use it properly as part of serious, concentrated training programs.” With numerous teaching professionals in agreement, the Momentus Weighted Iron provides an easy-to-understand approach to swing plane and power generation in the golf swing. The “perfect-plane swing” may only be a dream in the minds of golfers, but the Momentus Weighted Iron can certainly help your students get closer to textbook.