January 15, 2015

TrackMan to Launch Beta Version of its Free Learning Platform

In tune with mega trends in the world of education where imperative knowledge is becoming accessible and free to (all) online learners, TrackMan is launching a beta version of its new, free learning platform at the PGA Show in Orlando.

Philosophy: Make golf more enjoyable through education

“Far too many players are leaving the game and that’s bad for anyone involved. This trend must be reversed and one [good] way is to make golf more enjoyable through education – simply by understanding the fundamentals of the game better and faster”, says founder and CEO of TrackMan, Dr. Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen.

“When you understand more, you progress faster and you have more fun playing. That leads to engagement, which ultimately leads to more people joining the game”, concludes Eldrup-Jørgensen.

Methodology: Learning through interactive games

Gamification of serious knowledge has proven to spur faster learning and create higher retention rates. TrackMan is developing interactive games in cutting edge formats (motion graphics, phantom videos, etc.) while keeping the learning experience personal by adapting the game to the learner’s performance level. An incentivized reward system ensures the learning progression is fast and fun.

“This self-paced learning environment offers rigorous and fun content with instant feedback and rewards throughout the game”, says game and content creator Justin Padjen from TrackMan.

For the more conservative learner, a dedicated study rooms allows for self-study at their own pace.

Certification: Leadership Programs for Professionals

Accelerating careers of high-potential coaches and fitters, TrackMan also offers leadership programs consisting of both online and in-class courses.

These new, blended learning programs will ensure the material the learner studied online is not only understood, but also applied in workshops. “The attendees are expected to have a base understanding of the information when they arrive – workshops are meant to be very hands-on”, continues Justin Padjen.

A fee-based and a more in-depth curriculum is reserved for learners seeking certification.

To experience the new learning platform, please visit TrackMan on stand #873 at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, January 21-23, 2015.

Teaser preview: blog.trackmangolf.com/headwind-vs-tailwind

Jens Horneman, Director of Marketing and Communications
Email: jeh@trackman.dk