January 11, 2017

TrackMan to Introduce Performance Putting at PGA Merchandise Show

TrackMan, the creator of the world’s first launch monitor with Dual Radar Technology, is introducing Performance Putting, its new Simulator Solutions, and the next generation Range Concept at the PGA Merchandise Show at booth 1173 and 1273.

For the first time in golf, it’s possible to track the full ball roll of a putt. Thanks to the TrackMan 4, accurate and actionable information is now available on the entire roll. This first generation data points include Launch Direction, Ball Speed, Speed Drop, Roll Speed, Skid Distance, Roll Percentage, Effective Stimp, Side and Total Distance. Future releases will include even more data points and insights.

In addition to the data captured along the roll, live video with automatic replay provides further insights. A graphic overlay on the video automatically depicts the ball’s trajectory and the drawing tools allows you to highlight other focus areas. Recorded putts can be set side by side with the Compare function and Tour Player videos with data will be added in future releases. Add as many as six iPhone cameras to capture additional angles.

“Performance Putting gives the TrackMan 4 a new dimension of versatility. You can now track all your shots on the range, pick it up, walk over to the green and continue with your putting practice. It’s the ultimate training tool.”, says Product Manager Niklas Bergdahl.

TrackMan is also showcasing its new suite of simulator solutions. The fully automated audio-visual solution is powered with a single push of a button and ready for practice and play within seconds. The simplicity of the new simulator system creates a smooth and enticing user experience, and by using the TrackMan 4’s Dual Radar Technology, you’re guaranteed that indoor (simulator) performance mirrors outdoor (golf course) performance. Learn and benefit from our data in the same ways our 500+ Tour pro customers do.

Furthermore, enjoy the integrated video system, which is in full sync with the data you receive. Every shot is automatically recorded and instantaneously replayed. Add external cameras to mirror your swing in real-time (live). No external software is needed.

Wireless and portable, the simulator’s TrackMan 4 can also be used outdoors on the range and course.

TrackMan’s design flexibility allows us to fit a TrackMan Simulator into almost any location you might have: teaching bay, cave, office, warehouse or garage. Our design team will deliver 3D drawings and make sure every detail is covered.

The new TrackMan Range concept scales the well-known benefits of practicing with a TrackMan without scaling the number of radars. The defining piece of the system is that it tracks a multitude of players and shots simultaneously with a small number of radars, making it possible to offer the experience of practicing with a TrackMan to anyone attending your driving range.

The self-managed Range App does not only allow players to administer their data autonomously, but also offers a selection of entertainment services, such as ordering food and beverages directly to your tee. The new concept combines the learning benefits of a TrackMan session with entertainment aspect of having fun with friends at the range.

Come rain or shine, day or night, mats or grass, one or hundreds of players, hitting bays one or three stories tall – the system covers it all, every day of the year.

About TrackMan:
TrackMan is a fully wireless, easy to use, indoor/outdoor, radar-based solution for analyzing the impact conditions and resulting ball flight in golf. TrackMan provides the industry’s most accurate real-time data and graphics on ball launch, flight, and landing. Its unique combination of radar and video technology provides the ultimate solution for Equipment Manufacturers, Teaching Pros, Club Fitters, Simulators, and Ambitious Golfers. TrackMan A/S, headquartered in VedbÆk, Denmark, is the developer and owner of TrackMan technology. TrackMan technology includes a comprehensive patent portfolio of granted patents and pending patents applications.

To learn more, please to go: trackmangolf.com