July 2, 2013

TPK Golf Releases Pro Version of the Putting Stick

-Press Release, Waconia, Minn.

TPK Golf of Waconia, MN has added a new professional version of its popular training aid, the Putting Stick®.

Folowing up on suggestions by teaching professional Mitchell Crum, who had success using it in helping Bo Van Pelt made dramatic improvements in his putting in 2012, Vlad Gribovsky tweaked the original model and filed a new design patent.

Instead of having a mirror attached at the far end of the training aid that resembles a yardstick to aid with proper eye alignment, the mirror is built into the other end where there is indention for the golf ball. “Crum felt this worked better, especially for professionals, and he’s listed as a co-inventor,” Gribovsky said. “The pro version is definitely more portable.”

Gribovsky also pointed out that the far end of the stick is now beveled to allow a more consistent roll as the ball leaves the training aid and that the leveler can now also designate up and down along with side to side.

“If golfers spend 10 to 15 minutes a day of proper practice with square-to-square or inside-to-square-to-inside strokes on the Putting Stick®, it will change their lives on the greens,” said Crum, Director of Instructors of the United States Schools of Golf (www.ussog) in Murrels Inlet, S.C. and President of the Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America (www.teachgolf.com).

“By utilizing the Putting Stick®, we can gain precise feedback about a student’s putting stroke,” he continued. “Lack of feedback is the chief reason golfers do not improve putting even with practice, especially incorrect practice. Most importantly, it teaches the student to learn without the thought of mechanics and shows the accuracy of a square blade at impact since the ball will roll off the stick if not struck correctly.”

Crum noted that the Putting Stick® also allows golfers to monitor their eye alignments with either of the mirrors and the lengths of their backswings with a bumper-like backstop behind where the ball is placed on the stick.

®TPK, Inc. specializes in full grain leather products made in the U.S. Among the golf products are bag tags, shoe bags, scorecard and yardage books holders and valuable pouches that can be laser engraved with names or logos. TPK’s unique Back Saver Wallet has received the endorsement of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. Owner Vlad Gribovsky also is an agent for the Infamous 18 Holes of Golf by artist Bud Chapman and the patent holder, manufacturer and distributor of the new Putting Stick®

For more information visit www. www.tpkgolf.com