January 28, 2013

Tour Edge Introduces Its First Adjustable Driver

Designed to give golfers the ability to change their shot shape, Tour Edge’s new Exotics XCG6 driver features the company’s first ever adjustable hosel.

The XCG6’s Shot Control Technology (SCT) allows for the adjustment of four face‐angle/loft settings to optimize launch characteristics for maximum distance and control. With a simple twist of the SCT wrench, golfers can adjust the face angle, loft, and lie of the XCG6 driver. For example, to promote a draw or a hook, select the “C” (closed position) on the SCT hosel or the “U” (upright position) for slightly less draw. To hit a fade or slice, select the “O” or open position and for a mostly straight ball flight, select the “N” or neutral position. With the Exotics XCG6 driver, you simply twist the shaft to dial in the distance.

Loaded with technology, the Exotics XCG6 driver boasts an advanced multilevel face design that maximizes ball speed by incorporating multiple levels of variable face thickness. By thinning and thickening the forged titanium face, the XCG6 enhances feel and rebound across all striking points on the face. What’s more, the driver enhances forgiveness by maximizing heel/toe weighting compliments of four hexahedron weight pads that deliver a higher moment of inertia for greater stability and forgiveness.

The XCG6 driver features Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee. It is available in the Matrix Ozik HD and Graphite Design Tour AD shafts for $349. For more information, call (800) 515‐3343 or visit

Exotics XCG6 Titanium/Tungsten Fairway Delivers Driver‐Like Distance

Since the introduction of Tour Edge Golf’s Exotics product line in 2004, the company has guaranteed its fairway woods will hit the ball further. In fact, Tour Edge is saying the new 2013 XCG6 model is the absolute longest fairway wood in golf and easily outdistances the competition.

Golfer’s use titanium in their drivers for a reason – it hits the ball further. That’s why the Exotics XCG6 features a 15‐3‐3‐3 beta titanium cup face, a high‐density steel body and a tungsten sole plate that are combo‐brazed for the ultimate in power and forgiveness.

According to Jay Hubbard, vice president of marketing for Tour Edge, “The XCG6 is monster long, compliments of the titanium cup face that provides to‐the‐limit COR even on off‐center hits. It also has a steel body that is almost as light as titanium, allowing even more mass to be placed in the heel and toe areas of the sole.” The club’s heavy tungsten sole plate moves 65% of the total club head weight in the heel and toe areas for a higher moment‐of‐inertia, reduced club head twisting, and greater forgiveness.

The XCG6 has a hot face. The club’s Boomerang face technology offers multiple levels of variable face thickness that maximize the rebound from more points on the face. The club has a slightly deeper face and larger club head than previous models but retains a classic pear shape, mid spin design.

The Exotics XCG6 fairway wood features Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee. It is available in the Matrix Ozik and the Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shafts for $299. For more information, call (800) 515‐3343 or visit

Power, Feel, Control – Exotics XCG6 Hybrid Delivers It All

The Exotics XCG6 by Tour Edge is designed to offer great feel, power, and excellent control in a classic “pear‐shaped” design.

The XCG6 boasts a maraging steel cup face and a tungsten steel sole and body. Maraging steel is used in the face over stainless steel because it possesses superior strength without losing malleability. As a result, the club face can be made thinner and harder to launch the ball with less spin and at faster ball speeds.

Tour Edge engineers designed the club with a heavier, tungsten steel sole that offers extreme heel and toe weighting. This perimeter weighting provides a high moment‐of‐inertia for reduced club head twisting and greater forgiveness.

Making every shot easier to hit, the XCG6 has a shallow face height and a cambered sole that takes on difficult lies with ease. What’s more, the hexahedron sole weighting moves mass back into the heel and toe areas for added forgiveness even on off‐center hits.

The XCG6 hybrid features Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee. It is available in the Matrix Ozik and the Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shafts for $199. For more information, call (800) 515‐3343 or visit

Tungsten Amps Up Performance on Exotics XCG6 Irons

Designed to make hitting great iron shots easy, the Exotics XCG6 iron features four tungsten sole weights in the heel and toe. Representing nearly 7‐12 grams each, the tungsten weights position the club’s center of gravity perfectly to deliver easy‐to‐hit shots even on off‐ center hits.

For added forgiveness, the deep undercut cavity and perimeter weighting moves weight away from the face to the perimeter of the club head. These two features, along with the tungsten weights, produce a higher ball flight and enhance the club’s moment of inertia to keep shots on target and online.

Tour Edge took the best from previous iron designs and made the XCG6 iron highly progressive. Each iron is engineered for its specific task and includes a unique center of gravity location, offset (progressive), face thickness, and topline thickness for a perfect blend of distance and accuracy. To give the Exotics XCG6 more power, the club boasts an ultra‐thin face design for an extremely hot launch and great feel.

Tour Edge’s Exotics XCG6 irons come with Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee. It is available in the Exotics Matrix Ozik HD and Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shafts, True Temper X‐Lite 90, Project X Flighted Riffle, and KBS Tour steel for $499‐$699 (4‐ PW). For more information, call (800) 515‐3343 or visit

Located in Batavia, IL, Tour Edge manufacturers and sells golf clubs under both the Exotics and Tour Edge brands. Exotics golf clubs are for those who demand the finest performing golf clubs in the world. With experienced designers and smaller production runs, Exotics by Tour Edge can bring futuristic technologies to the marketplace months, even years, ahead of its time. Exotics’ manufactures the finest quality, high‐technology golf clubs and hand‐assembles them one club at a time. The company’s clubs are distributed throughout the United States and the world. High resolution images are available at (select media site).

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