March 7, 2017

Tour Edge Announces EX10 Hybrids

EX10 hybrid PRTour Edge, Golf’s Most Solid Investment, again delivers its MATERIAL ADVANTAGE with the release of the new Exotics EX10 hybrid. The EX10 hybrid builds upon the most popular Exotics hybrid – the 2016 EX9 – focusing on the incredible forgiveness and effortless hit-ability. The EX10 model features a new cup face, deeper CG, a larger SlipStreamsole, all in a very classic hybrid shape.

The Tour Edge R&D team has successfully elevated Exotics hybrids to the same caliber as the fairway woods via its MATERIAL ADVANTAGE; and the feedback has been phenomenal. The EX10 differentiates itself in the hybrid category with a new Japanese high density, steel cup face – HT 980 high-tensile strength steel. This new steel can be engineered extremely thin producing higher CT levels all over the face ensuring that mishits fly longer and straighter.

Exotics continues to use combo brazing technology despite the increased expense because the process ensures the tightest tolerances. The EX10 hybrid features a 450 SS hyper-steel body that is combo brazed with the steel cup face producing legendary distance and forgiveness.

Engineers made substantial changes to the SlipStreamsole lengthening the rails and designing the channels between the rails shallower and more compact overall to ensure minimal turf interaction. A heavy rear sole pad, located behind the rails, produces a deeper CG, and helps to easily get the ball in the air from any lie. To further enhance the aerodynamics of the club head speed channels run both vertical and horizontal. The increased heel weight and the aerodynamic design all adds up to faster speed, higher MOI, less spin and more distance.

The EX10 hybrid features Variable Face Thickness technology. The thin and thick compartments on the face are strategically positioned for optimal forgiveness in preparation for off-center hits.

The EX9 hybrid comes standard with UST Mamiya Recoil and Graphite Design Tour AD50 shafts. Specifically, the Recoil 450 and 460 shafts are for players seeking a super lightweight option to increase club head speed for high ball flight and greater distance in a very stable platform. The Recoil 670 and 680 shafts focus on players seeking a lightweight option to increase club head speed for mid-high ball flight and greater distance in a very stable platform. The Tour AD50 utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials. The softer mid-section bend profile of the Tour AD allows the player to load the shaft properly, yet it maintains a firm enough tip section through impact promoting a high launch and low spin ball flight condition.

Projected ship date is February 1, 2017. The EX10 hybrid is available in 2 (17), 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25), and 6 (28) models. Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. Suggested retail price: $179.99.

Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee.

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