March 8, 2019

Tom Fischer: Utilize a Mobile Club Repair Unit

Tom Fischer is the PGA Director of Golf at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tom Fischer on the importance of utilizing a mobile club repair unit:
With golf club technology more advanced than ever, it can be an expensive endeavor to stock a sufficient number of shafts, heads, and grips, along with the accessories and machinery needed. Also, skilled club repair is a task that not only requires adequate initial training, as well as trial and error practice, it takes continuous education to attain one’s skills and daily implementation to sustain them. With many other duties and responsibilities on our agenda at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, I found a perfect solution to offering professional club repair without the financial and time constraints – let someone else do it. Every Saturday and Sunday, a highly skilled golf club repair person rolls up in his mobile golf club repair truck for a day of gripping, shaft replacement, and loft and lie adjustments. He uses a quick dry grip solvent that is ready for use in three minutes, which enables him to improve the games, if not just the feel, of a lot of our weekend customers. Golfers in need of his services (which now include re-spiking golf shoes) talk to him about timeframe and pricing. They bring the ticket he gives them into our shop to pay for the services being rendered. At the end of the day, we pay him what he’s owed, and we keep the rest. It is an easy revenue stream for our golf shop and an amazing service being provided to our customers. He comes to us every Saturday and Sunday, and due to the positive feedback we’ve received and amazing service he provides, during various outings and special events as well.

Tom Fischer on the business impact of utilizing a mobile club repair unit:
Adding value to a guest’s experience is a perk that customers never anticipate. So when it happens, they are blown away. Providing this service goes a long way in good will with customers, and they recognize that this is not an ordinary scenario, often leaving as impressed by our mobile club repair guy as they are with the rest of our beautiful facility. Delegating this aspect of the business is primarily an asset in time saved. But as stated earlier, with the cost of offering club repair services great as well, it’s just better for us to source it out. Those factors, combined with the extra revenue we are bringing in the golf shop, make this endeavor a no-brainer. Not only does it make us look good, but it’s just one of those situations where everyone involved benefits from having it.


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