July 8, 2015

Titleist Vokey Design SM5 Raw Wedges Now Available Through WedgeWorks

Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled 5 wedges, the #1 wedges on the PGA Tour, are now available in the tour’s preferred finish: Raw.

Previously reserved for the best players in the world through the Titleist Tour Van or Vokey Tour Department, Vokey Design SM5 Raw wedges can be ordered and customized through WedgeWorks on Vokey.com beginning July 8. 

“Raw means there is no additional finish applied to the wedge, which is made of 8620 carbon steel,” Master Craftsman Bob Vokey said. “It has what I like to call a satin appearance that will start to rust after some use.

“On tour, the Raw heads give us the flexibility to grind wedges based on a player’s needs,” Vokey said. “But guys just love the look of that raw steel – some players like it even more as it rusts, kind of like a trusty hammer or another tool. These are their scoring tools.”

Jordan Spieth, the reigning Masters and U.S. Open champion, has trusted Vokey Design wedges since his junior golf days. Spieth now carries four Vokey SM5 Raw models (46º F, 52º F, 56º S and 60º L). 

“It’s always been a confident feeling for me looking down at a Vokey wedge, knowing that Bob and Aaron (Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill) have me dialed in. I’ve been playing four Vokeys for years now – always with the Raw finish. I love the look and the feel of the raw metal, especially when they start rusting.”

Many tour pros, including PGA Tour players Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson, have also commented on the Raw finish reducing glare that might reflect off the wedge on bright days.

“The Raw finish is perfect for me,” Walker said. “I have never liked glare coming off my irons or wedges and I even have a matte finish on my metal woods. I’ve played black wedges and copper-finished wedges in the past because of that, but have been playing Vokey Raw consistently for several years now with great success.”

Added Johnson: “I’ve played Vokey wedges for as long as I can remember, and switched to Raw early in 2007. I love the look of the Raw, plus I don’t have to worry about being distracted by any reflection from the sun.” 
Vokey Design SM5 Raw wedges are offered in four lofts from 54º to 60º and three of Vokey’s most popular sole grinds – S, M and K. In total, there are 10 loft/bounce/grind combinations. Among the models is the 56•10º S grind, played by Spieth and many tour players around the world.

As part of WedgeWorks, every SM5 Raw wedge can be customized, including personalized stamping in up to six characters and one of 12 paintfill colors. Golfers can also choose from an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules. 

SPIN MILLED 5 PERFORMANCE: Vokey Design SM5 wedges are the best performing wedges in the game, a result of Bob Vokey’s decades of research and collaborating with the world’s best players combined with the Titleist R&D team’s development of proprietary Spin Milled technology. Since 2004, Vokey Design wedges have been the #1 wedge on the PGA Tour and the most played wedge at every level of competitive golf.

Vokey SM5 wedges are designed with deep Spin Milled TX3 grooves that deliver maximum spin for precision trajectory and distance control and improved greenside performance. TX3 grooves produce additional backspin by channeling away grass and sand for improved contact between the ball and groove edge. Spin Milled technology also provides trajectory and distance control through precisely milled grooves and machined face texture, significantly reducing the chance of “flyers” from the rough.

TOUR-PROVEN SOLE GRINDS: Every sole grind in the SM5 family has been derived from Bob Vokey’s work with the best players in the world.

The M grind, Vokey’s original tour grind, is a versatile design currently played by many tour pros including Jimmy Walker and Charley Hoffman. The M grind has a crescent-shaped sole with relief in the heel, toe and trailing edge. This provides a forward bounce surface suitable for square shots while the relief encourages shotmaking by allowing players to rotate the face open without the leading edge coming off the ground. The moderate effective bounce makes it playable in a variety of short-game conditions. 

The S grind was inspired by Steve Stricker, who likes to play his wedges in a square position, with minimal wrist action, and the shaft neutral or leaning away from the target. The full sole with moderate heel relief and a medium ribbon ground along the trailing edge provides stability for full shots, additional bounce for bunker play and the versatility to hit different types of shots around the green.

The K Grind was born out of Vokey’s work with several players, including Adam Scott and Jason Dufner. The K grind has a wider, more cambered sole than any other Vokey model. The wide sole makes this wedge very easy to use out of the bunker, while the camber enhances the playability for a variety of shots around the green.

PERSONALIZATION AND CUSTOMIZATION: SM5 Raw wedges can be given the tour-level treatment through WedgeWorks with an extensive selection of custom options.

Personalized hand-stamping is available in up to six letters and/or numbers and one of 12 paintfill colors. Characters are stamped in one of three styles – Straight, Freestyle or Snow (two-character limit).

Golfers can also choose from seven different custom shaftbands and three ferrule options. 

BV custom grips, available in a variety of textures and colors to match a player’s look and feel preferences, are exclusive to WedgeWorks.

A high-performance shaft matrix includes wedge-specific shafts such as the Dynamic Gold Spinner and KBS Hi-Rev. The full complement of the Titleist custom shaft matrix is also available including graphite and lightweight shafts. WedgeWorks wedges can be laser etched on the shaft with up to 20 characters or numbers, offering an easy way to highlight a birthday, event or a player’s full name.  

All Vokey Design wedges can be adjusted for length, loft and lie angle. Weight porting on the back of the wedge to dial in a specific swingweight is also available. 


54º: 54.10 S, 54.10 M
56º: 56.10 S, 56.10 M
58º: 58.07 S, 58.08 M, 58.11 K
60º: 60.07 S, 60.08 M, 60.11 K

*Note: SM5 Raw S and K grind models are RH only. 

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: Vokey Design SM5 Raw wedges are available beginning July 8 through WedgeWorks on Vokey.com or by custom order, starting at $180 plus personalization.

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