May 19, 2015

TheSPRYTE Golf to Debut During the Memorial Tournament

An Ohio golf innovation will debut at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin during the 40th Memorial Tournament June 1-7. TheSPRYTE Golf Laser Rangefinder Reflective System was created by golfer Steve Phillips of Marion, Ohio.

TheSPRYTE will be set up on the driving range at the Memorial, after being in use at numerous golf courses around Ohio and elsewhere in the country.

The flagstick reflectors, mounted on flags at holes and hazards, use laser range finders to precisely determine the distance from the golfer. The device is an improvement over other range finders because of its patented design that allows more precise measurement.

Phillips, vice president of North American Golf Products, said, “I’m delighted that more golfers and golf course professionals will be introduced to this tool to help players determine distances more accurately.”

He noted TheSPRYTE is “permitted under the Rules of Golf” by the USGA in its 2013 Decision 262. “Our system is clearly superior to others on the market, and we believe golfers will benefit from using TheSPRYTE.”

As a life-long Ohio native, the inventor said he takes special pride in coming to Muirfield. “This is the premier golf course in Ohio, created by a legendary Buckeye golfer. The course that Jack Nicklaus built has attracted the best golfers in the world, and it is a real honor for me to be here for the 40thMemorial. In the past, coming to Dublin as a spectator was always a thrill.This year, being connected with the course will have even more personal meaning.”

TheSPRYTE is already getting critical praise from golfers, course pros, and groundskeepers wherever it is used. Among the courses now offering TheSPRYTE are:

Muirfield Village Golf Club Driving Range, all 12 Country Clubs at The Villages in Florida (306 holes), The Ohio State University Golf Club (Scarlet and Gray),  Marion Country Club,  and over 3,000 holes worldwide.

The golf product executive noted TheSPRYTE System offers several advantages. First, the topper is easier to see because of its flagstick height and size.

“The toppers are above the flag at the highest point of visibility,” Phillips said. “The size of the target is the largest permitted under the USGA ‘Rules of Golf.’ TheSPRYTE is 1.8 inches in diameter while competitors’ models are only about .75 inches in diameter.

“That makes the target nearly 250% larger, and that is a tremendous advantage forgolfers,” added Phillips.

He pointed out that installation of TheSPRYTE flagstick toppers is very simple. “You just replace the acorn nut and screws above the flag at the highest point of visibility. Other systems requires installers to remove the acorn nut, remove a flange, remove a swivel, remove the flag, and finally slide the reflector below the lower point of the flag on the stick.”

TheSPRYTE Golf Laser Rangefinder Reflective System includes TheSPRYTE Topper for flagsticks, TheSPRYTE Hazard Sticks, TheSPRYTE Driving Range Proximity Markers, and TheSPRYTE Driving Range Reflective Sleeves.

For further information, contact:

Steve Phillips, Vice President
North American Golf Products Inc.
Cell (740) 244-1811