January 2, 2014

The Golf Gapper Introduces Ground Force Trainer

Golfers have long sought a quick route to adding significant distance to their tee shots. While buying pricey new drivers and hitting them exactly on the sweet spot can typically result in a few extra yards, there’s a better way. Introducing the Ground Force Trainer from Golf Gapper, a four-week program that will increase a golfer’s driving distance by 5-15 yards – guaranteed.

The $119 package includes the patent-pending square rotational disk, power pole, DVD, lead leg support foam pad, instruction manual and mesh carry bag. This Ground Force Trainer is used to train golfers in their backswing, where power is developed when the golfer creates ground force with their trailside leg and gluteal muscles. This sensation is difficult to create without an unstable surface during development of this specific action.

“The Ground Force training disks create this instability, causing a specific muscular reaction that exactly mimics the sensation and strength necessary to motor learn the proper load in the back swing and feel the connection with the ground,” says Dr. Jenni Martin, MS DC LPGA Class A teacher and club professional who created the product. “The gluteus medius muscle is responsible for hip rotation and hip stability. These muscles also help the golfer maintain balance. The rotational square disks act similarly to a ‘lazy Susan’ found in the kitchen. They’re used in pilates to teach exercises that require movement of the lower and upper body in opposite directions, and to exercise the balance muscles.”

The Golf Gapper Ground Force Trainer heightens awareness of strength and muscular awareness, and also enhances balance — the complete awareness of where your body is in space that movement scientists refer as “proprioception”. Square disks are much more effective than round disks here because the square front side gives immediate feedback to the loss of proper muscular and power position of the trail (right side for right-handed golfers) when any movement from front parallel is seen. Seeing any movement from parallel front boards, gives the golfer specific guidance for correction. This creates proper muscular development and motor learning for strength and coil.

More details about the Golf Gapper Ground Force Trainer are available at, where the product can also be purchased.

Dr. Martin has been in the medical, fitness and health profession for more than 30 years. She has advanced certification in Orthopedics, Sports and Recreational Injuries as well as K-vest, and is a TPI medical professional and teacher. She earned her master’s degree in biomechanical trauma. Utilizing her knowledge in chiropractics, physical therapy and LPGA training, she integrates this information with state-of-the-art evaluation tools.

Her passion is helping golfers of all ages, skills and builds. Understanding an individual’s goals, physical needs and limitations, body, and swing, she believes, is the only way to make permanent, goal-oriented, and effective swing changes and improvements. Her method is fun, entertaining and informative. She will work directly with a golfer’s current coach, medical provider and trainer, if necessary.

Her philosophy: “You have to see it, feel it, understand it and be able to physically do it, in order to make meaningful, pain free and lasting improvement in the game of golf.”


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